Nyoongar Words and Definitions

(bal-gah) native grass tree (Xanthorrea)
(baar-dee) witchetty grub
(beel-i-yar) traditional name for the Swan River
(bib-ool) native Paperbark tree with many uses
(bi-rok) Aboriginal season of the young in December and January
(bu-dj-ah) the land
Boodja Gnarning
(bu-dj-ah nar-ning) food from the land
(bee-du-wong) meeting place
(bu-noo-roo) Aboriginal season of the adolescence in February and March
(chune-yart) 28 parrot
(ker-rob-o-ree) traditional dance
(ji-run) Aboriginal season of adulthood in April and May
(jil-bah) Aboriginal season of conception in August and September
Gija Jumulu
(gi-dja joo-ma-loo) boab from the Gija people in the Kimberley region
(gu-nin-in-up) fresh water spring at the base of Mt Eliza
Kaarta Gar-up
(car-tah-gaar-up) traditional name for the distinctive cliff/scarp around Kings Park
(cam-bah-rang) Aboriginal season of birth in October and November
(car-lah) fire, campfire
(cut-a-gin) knowledge, traditional knowledge handed down from one generation to the next
(k-each) spear
(ker-bin) Coastal Sword Sedge
(cod-jah) traditional axe made from stone and wood
(con-dill) native Sheoak tree, good for making kylee (boomerangs).
(koo-ya-mull-up) place of frogs and Men’s area
Kulunga Katitjin
(koo-lun-gah kat-i-jin) children’s learning
(keer-lee) boomerang
(maarm) man/men
(ma-koo-roo) Aboriginal season of fertility in June and July
(my-yat) red gum from the Marri tree, used to help cuts heal
(mih-ro) spear thrower
(my-yah, my-yah) traditional temporary huts
Moora Katta
(mur-ah-cart-ah) the place that we now know as Kings Park
(nyoo-ngah) first people from south-west Western Australia
(tew-art) native Eucalypt tree used for making tools and other implements
(wah-gool) rainbow serpent from the dreamtime
Whadjuk Nyoongar
(wod-juck, nyoong-ar) Nyoongar group from Perth and surrounding regions
(wun-ill) Peppermint Tree, native to the Swan Coastal Plain
(yon-gah) kangaroo
(yon-grah) kangaroos
Yonga Booka
(yong-gah book-a) kangaroo skin cloak
(yor-gah) woman
(yor-grah) women
Yorkas Nyinning
(yor-kis nin-ing) place of rest for women

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