The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA) provides a unique 'one-stop shop' delivering practical research outcomes for the conservation and restoration of native species and ecosystems. BGPA has been involved in some of the most successful and pioneering translocation projects in the State and is a leading authority on environmental weed control in natural and degraded ecosystems.

Examples of successful projects include translocation of the Critically Endangered Corrigin Grevillea Grevillea scapigera, control of perennial Veld Grass Ehrharta calycina, Buffel Grass Cenchrus ciliaris control on Airlie Island, control of many bulbous species e.g., Freesia and Sparaxis, Bridal Creeper Asparagus asparagoides and Vulpia species.

A range of herbicides are trialled in the Kings Park and Bold Park bushlands, usually at much lower levels than the recommended rates, on several new or difficult to control weed species. Off-target damage is also assessed, usually by spraying a range of indigenous species in pot trials to test the efficacy. Recent findings include control of difficult bulbous/cormous species such as Allium triquertrum, Babiana and Ixia using 2,2-DPA or Propon.

Through dedicated conservation research, industry and the community can now achieve better biodiversity conservation outcomes, such as management of rare flora and the rehabilitation and restoration of native biodiversity.

The projects are largely supported by the Kings Park Volunteer Master Gardeners.

Please contact Shane Turner with any enquiries.