These Western Australian native plant notes are kindly provided by the Kings Park Volunteer Master Gardeners and are particularly relevant to the Perth community and their gardening needs.


Many of the species provided here can be viewed in-situ at the Backyard Botanicals Garden or in the Western Australian Botanic Garden.

For printed copies, further information or copies of other native plant notes, please contact the Garden Advisory Service.


pdfMangles Kangaroo Paw, Anigozanthus manglesii114.56 KB

pdfPink Paper-daisy, Rhodanthe chlorocephala subsp. rosea254.1 KB

pdfBlue Lace Flower, Trachymene coerulea 119.99 KB

Ground cover

pdfProstrate Banksia, Banksia blechnifolia 219.11 KB

pdfHoneypot Dryandra, Banksia Nivea 293.6 KB

pdfFairy Fan-Flower, Scaevola aemula 'Purple Fanfare' 259.76 KB


pdfKangaroo Paw Hybrid, Anigozanthos hybrid 'Big Red' 279.56 KB

pdfGrey Cottonhead, Conostylis candicans 127.01 KB

pdfKnotted Club Rush, Ficinia nodosa 226.69 KB

Small shrub

pdfDrummond’s Grevillea, Grevillea drummondii 291.97 KB

pdfFlame Grevillea, Grevillea eriostachya 174.89 KB

pdfMaxwell’s Grevillea, Grevillea maxwellii 127.6 KB

pdfSpider Net Grevillea, Grevillea preissii 284.6 KB

pdfSparse Flowered Grevillea, Grevillea sparsiflora 107.75 KB

pdfCushion Bush, Leucophyta brownii 181.09 KB

pdfThryptomene, Thryptomene denticulata 269.76 KB

pdfYellow Feather Flower, Verticordia chrysantha 247.62 KB

Medium shrub

pdfBurdett's Banksia, Banksia burdettii 183.82 KB

pdfWax Flower, Chamelaucium ciliatum 291 KB

pdfBracted Grevillea, Grevillea bracteosa 119.03 KB

pdfTangled Grevillea, Grevillea flexuosa 246.97 KB

pdfSpreading Grevillea, Grevillea humifusa 129.33 KB

pdfGrevillea pimeleoides 118.65 KB

pdfGrevillea preissii subsp. glabrilimba 317.23 KB

pdfLace Net Grevillea, Grevillea stenomera 126.86 KB

Large shrub

pdfWoolly Bush, Adenanthos sericeus 209.19 KB

pdfGeraldton Wax, Chamelaucium uncinatum 135.94 KB

pdfOlive Grevillea, Grevillea olivacea 132.99 KB


pdfFlowering Gum Hybrid, Corymbia 'Summer Red' 305.58 KB305.58 KB

pdfSilver Princess, Eucalyptus caesia 159.11 KB

pdfCoolibah, Eucalyptus victrix 270.24 KB

pdfBeard’s Mallee, Eucalyptus beardiana 165.52 KB

pdfSquare-fruited Mallet, Eucalyptus brandiana 152.84 KB

pdfKingsmill's Mallee, Eucalyptus kingsmillii 164.29 KB164.29 KB

pdfBookleaf Mallee, Eucalyptus kruseana 166.92 KB

pdfSmall-leaved Mottlecah, Eucalyptus macrocarpa subsp. elachantha 353.04 KB

pdfBell–fruited Mallee, Eucalyptus preissiana 174.41 KB

pdfPear–fruited Mallee, Eucalyptus pyriformis 150.76 KB

pdfCoral Gum, Eucalyptus torquata 138.76 KB