The following information assists in the submission of written job applications and potential interview selection.

Selection generally involves a written application, an interview and a referee check. It can also involve other selection methods e.g., presentations, work samples or work exercises. All assessments are based on the selection criteria and target skills, knowledge, abilities and experience in relation to specified criteria.

Applications for advertised positions should consist of the following information:

Application for Vacancy Form

All particulars should be completed in full including the acknowledgement slip.

pdfApplication for Vacancy Form122.21 KB

Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

  • Personal details - name, address, and phone number(s)
  • Academic qualifications and/or current studies (attach photocopies of qualifications)
  • Details of completed training courses
  • Membership of professional bodies
  • External activities to work, which are relevant to the advertised position
  • Summary of work experience from most recent to least recent (include dates, employer name, position title and details of tasks/responsibilities, including committee memberships)
  • Major work accomplishments
  • Referees.

Statement of Claims

Selection competencies are the knowledge, skills, experience and abilities the selection panel consider necessary to perform the duties of the advertised position. Applicants must demonstrate the required attributes and will be shortlisted for further assessment based on their ability to meet the essential competencies against other applicants.

When addressing selection competencies, the panel will evaluate the applicant based on the use of recent, relevant and high quality examples. Information is to be presented in a clear, relevant and concise manner to demonstrate that essential competencies are met.

It is recommended that statement of claims are no longer than one page for each competency.

Applicants should use each selection competency as a separate heading and provide a brief outline of relevant experiences and knowledge that demonstrates the scope of their competencies. For example: select the best example for each competency, clarify its application, resulting actions undertaken, how the contribution made a difference and how this difference was confirmed.

Statement of claims can be developed using the STAR technique:

Situation (The position you were in and the circumstances impacting - problem)

Task (The things that had to be achieved to overcome the problem - objective)

Action (The measures you took, how you did it - strategies)

Result (The result. Was it successful or not? - outcomes)

Applicants must provide copies of specific qualifications if stated as a selection competency requirement.


The name, work address and contact number of two referees are to be included on the Application for Vacancy form. Referees should be contacted for approval prior to the application submission.

Application submission


  • Applications are to be typed (preferable) or neatly handwritten.
  • Applications should be stapled in the top left-hand corner, with the Application for Vacancy form on the top.
  • Do not submit applications in plastic or cardboard folders.
  • Separate application must be submitted for each position (if applying for multiple positions unless otherwise specified).
  • Photocopy the completed application for personal reference.
  • Applications must be received by 4.00 pm on the specified closing date.


  • Applications should be marked Confidential Advertised Vacancy and posted or hand delivered to the Human Resources Officer. Applications can also be emailed or faxed to the Kings Park Administration.
  • Vacancies are advertised for a prescribed period and specify a closing date. The closing time for advertised vacancies is 4.00 pm on the nominated day.
  • Allow ample time for possible mailing delays when posting an application. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the application is received on time.
  • Applications that are lodged with Australia Post, MailWest or the internal Mail System and are in transit at the time applications close are deemed late and will not be accepted.
  • If using a private courier service, it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the courier delivers the application by the due date and time to the nominated person in the advertisement and not to a general reception area. It is suggested, when using a courier service, to confirm with Employee Services that the application was received before the closing time.
  • If application delivery times are uncertain, it is recommended that the submission be delivered by hand or posted earlier.
  • Late or Proforma applications will not be accepted.

Interview preparation

Shortlisted applicants are encouraged to prepare for the interview process:

  • All interview questions will relate to the selection competencies for the advertised position.
  • The same questions will be asked of each interviewee.
  • No assumptions will be made on an applicant's suitability for the position, even if they are a current employee or have relevant experience.
  • Answer questions fully without unnecessary detail.
  • Organise examples for presentation of relevant reports or work which will demonstrate skills and abilities.
  • Provide work situations where relevant skills and abilities were applied.
  • Focus on the position duties and what experience can be related.
  • Questions will be behavioural. Answers can include an opening general statement followed by specific examples from past experience, similar to the way selection competencies are addressed in the written application.


Applicants are encouraged and have the right to request feedback from the Convenor of the selection panel on their interview performance and competitiveness of the written application.

Breach of Standard

The recruitment and selection of staff is governed by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Standards. The outcome of set standards is that "the most suitable and available people are selected and appointed". The recruitment, selection and appointment standard states:

The minimum standard of merit, equity and probity is met for recruitment, selection and appointment if:

  • A proper assessment matches a candidate's skills, knowledge and abilities with the work-related requirements of the job and the outcomes sought by the public sector body, which may include diversity.
  • The process is open, competitive and free of bias, unlawful discrimination, nepotism or patronage.
  • Decisions are transparent and capable of review.

While there is no appeal process based on merit (i.e., on the grounds that an unsuccessful applicant considers themselves a better applicant than any other), applicants other than those applying for base grade appointments have the right to lodge a grievance against any alleged breach of the above standards. After receiving notice of the selection panel's appointment decision, applicants have the opportunity to seek feedback on their application/interview.

Further details on this process are available in the letter to applicants advising the Selection Panel's decision.

Applicant Checklist

Applicants should ensure that all requirements are fulfilled before lodging an application for advertised positions.

  • Application for Vacancy Form completed (stapled to the top)
  • Referees contacted and listed on Application for Vacancy Form
  • Acknowledgement slip completed (do not detached)
  • Current Curriculum Vitae (resume) attached
  • Photocopies of qualifications attached
  • Statement of claims demonstrating each selection competency attached
  • Selection competencies addressed
  • Photocopy of the application with all supporting documentation retained
  • Steps undertaken to ensure application is received on time.