The Kings Park Management Plan 2009 - 2014 was approved by the Hon. Donna Farragher, Minister for the Environment; Youth in September 2009. The plan builds upon previous documents and achievements to identify priorities for the 2009 - 2014 period.

As funding allows, major initiatives for Kings Park and Botanic Garden include:

  • Plan and implement the next stage of the Biodiversity Conservation Centre.
  • Plan and implement new facilities in the Western Australian Botanic Garden as a lead-up to its 50th anniversary in 2015.
  • Continue to foster a sense of community ownership through communicating key values and conservation messages.
  • Plan and implement the Rio Tinto Naturescape in Kings Park as a world-class environmental education venue in the Botanic Garden Arboretum.
  • Continue cultural enhancement works as recommended in the Kings Park Conservation Plan.
  • Continue to implement risk management strategies for further improvements in public safety; protection of assets; and conservation of biodiversity.
  • Continue to research, monitor and manage the flora, fauna, fungi and ecological processes in the bushland.
  • Continue to implement world-class, research-based ecological restoration of the bushland.

You can download the plan for further information:
pdf Kings Park Management Plan 2009 - 2014 3.2 Mb

Amendment to the plan

An amendment to the Kings Park Management Plan 2009 – 2014 was made in December 2010, to include an additional priority for the next five years. This amendment will enable enhancement of facilities for future State, private and public events within the Fraser’s Restaurant Complex.

Specifically, in accordance with Section 13(1) of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority Act 1998, on 23 December 2010, the Minister for Environment; Water, with the support of the Board of Management, gave the Authority a direction to undertake improvements to visitor facilities at the Botanical Cafe including the relocation of the Floral Clock and the construction of a permanent addition to Fraser’s Restaurant Complex. This will provide a suitable venue for the 2011 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting Leaders’ Retreat and future State events.

Public comment

The public comment period for the Kings Park and Botanic Garden Draft Management Plan 2014-2019 closed 5.00 pm Friday, 16 May 2014.