Renee Tuckett, a PhD student at the Authority, was recently involved with Scitech's ‘Beyond the Beaker Program' aimed at encouraging students to pursue science careers.

The seed science conservation team at the Authority undertakes an integrated approach to conserving Western Australian biodiversity, studying seed germination and dormancy, seed storage and longevity, seed ecology, seed enhancement and site delivery techniques. Using new technology allows us to save native species and restore degraded landscapes. Equipment such as the zig-zag aspirator and digital x-ray imaging are allowing us to lead the way in seed science research in Western Australia.

Educating and encouraging students to consider careers in science is an important part of our conservation mission and recently Renee Tuckett, a PhD student at the Authority, was involved with Scitech's ‘Beyond the Beaker Program'. Supported by Chevron, the propgram is aimed at high school students in years 8-10 and showcases the diversity of careers in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

With the kind permission of Scitech, you can view the story featuring Renee and and some of the techniques adopted by our seed scientists at the Biodiversity Conservation Centre, Kings Park.