Preparations for this year's restoration activities in Kings Park and Bold Park are well underway.

Greenstock for planting have arrived with over 60,000 plants scheduled to go into the ground this winter, all of which have been produced from material collected within the parks.

Bushland staff are currently tackling weed species which have taken advantage of rain earlier in the season. This work will continue throughout winter and into spring focusing on Veld Grass, Bridal Creeper and Pelargonium, along with a wide range of invasive annual and bulbous species.

To make the most of the limited seasonal window to establish the plants, both the Friends of Kings Park and Friends of Bold Park will be participating in restoration activities this winter with several events scheduled for planting and weed control.

If you would like to become involved in restoration activities, the Bushland Carers might be the place for you.

For those interested in learning more about conservation efforts, the Friends of Bold Park Volunteer Guides will focus their free guided walks during July on the restoration activities in Bold Park.