The Kings Park and Botanic Garden Management Plan 2009-2014 has been endorsed by the Minister for Environment; Youth.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a key remnant in Perth's greenways providing an important refuge for many species and an important ecological corridor. It is an important scientific and cultural institution and a significant tourist attraction enjoyed last year by over 6.4 million visitors for recreation, environmental discovery, ceremony and reflection, cultural activities and social gatherings.

The plan identifies objectives; achievements and progress for the past five years; directions and strategies for management; and, priorities for the next five years.

You can download the Kings Park and Botanic Garden Management Plan 2009-2014 below.

pdf Download Kings Park and Botanic Garden Management Plan 2009-2014 3.08 MB

The map on pages 10-11 of the booklet is also provided separately in A3 format to allow larger printing if necessary.

 pdfDownload A3 Map and Higlights668.22 KB

Audit of Public Submissions

The Kings Park and Botanic Garden Draft Management Plan 2009-2014 was prepared with significant consultation from key stakeholders, including allied government and private organisations and the general community. In addition to a series of internal and external workshops and feedback request forms to produce the draft document, submissions were received in a formal consultation process between 1 March 2009 and 30 April 2009.

Thirty-three submissions were received, comprising 142 individual comments. The Audit of Public Submissions details all comments and highlights if, where, why and how the plan was further developed/amended as a result of the submissions process.

pdf Download Audit of Public Submissions on the Draft Kings Park and Botanic Garden Management Plan 2009 -2014. 647.67 KB