The Conservation Biotechnology group undertakes research into advanced propagation and cryogenic research of plants for biodiversity conservation purposes.

The group assists with specialised advice and assistance with in vitro propagation of rare and/or recalcitrant plant taxa on the designated lands as part of BGPA Science restoration programs.

We also collaborate closely with other conservation agencies (principally Department of Parks and Wildlife) and community-based organizations (e.g., LandCare) for practical research outcomes, such as providing micropropagated plants for joint reintroduction projects to restore depleted or declining natural populations of critically endangered plant species.

We are funded by the State Government to staff and provide laboratory functions dedicated to conservation of the flora.

The Conservation Biotechnology team enjoy close links with other researchers within the Science Directorate, leading to collaborative, integrated conservation research programs with practical outcomes for the public, community groups, other government agencies and industry.

We initiate new research programs through various competitive Federal or State science funding bodies, in many cases with the support of industry and university partners.

We acknowledge the valuable assistance and support of volunteers.