Key outcomes of the project so far are:

  • Many endangered plants saved from extinction (e.g., Grevillea scapigera, Hemiandra rutilans, Symonanthus bancroftii and many others) in an ongoing research program of ex situ preservation by researching and improving tissue culture protocols.

  • Establishment of ex situ collections of endangered plants for biodiversity conservation research.

  • Cryogenic storage of key germplasm of endangered plant species for researching the efficacy and efficiency of long term, ex situ conservation.

  • Contributing to the broader scientific knowledge of in vitro propagation and cryogenic storage of the Australian flora for conservation, restoration and sustainable use in horticulture, mining and agriculture.

  • Progressing advanced tissue culture research such as somatic embryogenesis for native plants as a precursor to artificial seed production for large-scale restoration in natural and disturbed landscapes.