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The Conservation Genetics research projects are:

Genomic analysis of the Pilbara flora for improved economic and environmental outcomes

Chief Investigators: Dr Paul Nevill (BGPA), Dr Ian Small (UWA), Dr Margaret Byrne (DPaW), Dr Kevin Thiele (DPaW), Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA). Fortescue Metals Group, Bioplatforms Australia. 2014 - 2015.

The evolution and conservation consequences of promiscuity in plants pollinated by vertebrates

Chief Investigators: Prof Stephen Hopper (UWA), Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA), Dr Ryan Phillips (ANU), Dr Dave Roberts (UWA/BGPA). Australian Research Council 2014 - 2016.

Defining biologically significant units in spinifex (Triodia spp.) for improved ecological restoration in arid Australia

Chief Investigators: A/Prof Pauline Grierson (UWA), Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA), A/Prof Charles Price (UWA), Prof Kingsley Dixon (BGPA), A/Prof Kevin Thiele (DEC), Dr Matt Barrett (BGPA). Australian Research Council, Rio Tinto, Chevron, 2012 - 2015.

Ecological and genetic connectivity in sea grasses: the role of sexual reproduction, dispersal and recruitment on meadow restoration

Chief Investigators: Prof Gary Kendrick (UWA), Dr Siegy Krauss, Dr Liz Sinclair (UWA). Australian Research Council. 2013 - 2016.

Dispersal and persistence of large - seeded forest species under global environmental change

Chief Investigators: Prof Neal Enright (Murdoch U), Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA), Prof Ran Nathan (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Prof Byron Lamont (Curtin U), Dr Carole Elliot (Murdoch, BGPA). Australian Research Council, 2011 - 2014.

Genetic survey, provenance evaluation and seed conservation of three key tree species at Weeli Wolli Creek

Chief Investigators: Dr Paul Nevill (BGPA), Dr Siegy Krauss, Dr Lucy Commander, Dr David Merritt. Rio Tinto Hammersley Iron Pty Ltd. 2011 - 2014.

Managing evolutionary ecological process in restoring Banksia woodland resilient to global environmental changes

Chief Investigator: Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA), Ms Alison Ritchie, Australian Research Council, Rocla Quarry Products, 2010 - 2015.

Recent Research Projects

Population genetic variation and its spatial structure in Tetratheca erubescens (Elaeocarpaceae)

Chief Investigators: Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA), Dr Janet Anthony (BGPA). Cliffs Natural Resources, 2013 - 2014.

Establishing genetic guidelines for the effective restoration of sea grass meadows

Chief Investigators: Prof Gary Kendrick (UWA), Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA), ProfKingsley Dixon (BGPA), A/Prof Michelle Waycott (JCU), Dr Liz Sinclair (UWA/BGPA). Australian Research Council, 2010 - 2013.

A multidisciplinary research program to assess limiting factors and predict impacts of climate change for endangered Australian orchids

Chief Investigators: Prof Rod Peakall (ANU), Prof Kingsley Dixon (BGPA), Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA), Prof Linde (ANU), Prof Barrow (ANU), Prof Ghisalberti (UWA), Prof Hutchinson (ANU). Australian Research Council 2009 - 2013.

A molecular ecophysiological assessment of the importance of using local provenance seed in plant biodiversity restoration

Chief Investigators: Prof Hans Lambers (UWA), Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA), Dr Erik Veneklaas (UWA), Dr John Koch (Alcoa). Australian Research Council, Alcoa World Alumina Australia, BHP Worsley, 2007 - 2013.

Assessment of population genetic variation and structure of Acacia karina, and its phylogenetic relationship to other Acacia species

Chief Investigators: Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA), Dr Paul Nevill (BGPA). Karara Mining Ltd. 2009 - 2013.

Molecular systematics of the genus Lepidosperma (Cyperaceae)

Chief Investigators: Dr Matthew Barrett (BGPA), Dr Russell Barrett (BGPA). 2009 - 2013.