Please contact Dr Siegy Krauss with any enquiries relating to Conservation Genetics.

Research scientists

  • Dr Siegy Krauss
  • Dr Janet Anthony
  • Dr Elizabeth Sinclair
  • Dr Matt Barrett
  • Dr Paul Nevill
  • Dr Carole Elliott
  • Ms Donna Bradbury



Mr Ben Anderson (2012 - present) Diversity in the Triodia basedowii E.Pritz. species complex and its implications for the evolution of the Australian arid zone biota.

Mr Josef Krawiec (2013 - present) Genetic connectivity of skinks in fragmented bushland remnants in the Perth metropolitan area.

Ms Tanya Hevroy (2010 - present) Molecular systematics and conservation genetics of the Grevillea thelemanniana group (Proteaceae).

Ms Alison Ritchie (2010 - present) Patterns of mating and genetic diversity of restored Banksia woodland populations.

Ms Jessica Stingemore (2009 - present) Plant density effects on dispersal and genetic structure for two co-occurring Persoonia species.

Ms Anna Williams (2012 - present) Conservation genetics of mid-west Western Australian Acacia species using whole-genome sequencing.


Ms Caitlin Pascov (2013 - present) Realized pollen and seed dispersal inferred from parentage analysis in the Banded-ironstone Formation endemic Acacia karina.

Mr Ryan Tangney (2012 – 2013) The genetic consequences of emus as a vector for the long distance dispersal of seed in Leucopogon nutans.