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Please contact Dr David Merritt with any enquiries relating to Conservation Seed Science.

Research scientists

  • Dr David Merritt
  • Dr Shane Turner
  • Dr Lucy Commander
  • Dr Miriam Mũnoz-Rojas
  • Dr Adam Cross
  • Mr Todd Erickson



  • Ms Majda Suleiman (2012 - present) Restoration ecology of Acacia pachyceras in the state of Kuwait.

  • Ms Emma Dalziell (2011 - present) Seed biology, dispersal and functional ecology of Western Australian Nymphaceae.

  • Mr Wolfgang Lewandrowski (2011 - present) Optimising seed germination and early seedling vigour of Triodia species.

  • Ms Kerryn Chia (2010 - present) The ecology of Persoonia longifolia.

  • Mr Todd Erickson (2009 - present) Seed dormancy and germination traits of 89 arid zone species required for mine-site restoration in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.


  • Mallory Barnes (2014) Restoration of Triodia in the Pilbara.
  • Sarah Boys (2014) Seed priming for improved germination and emergence in a semi-arid Threatened Ecological Community.
  • Sophie Cross (2014) Restoration of urban coastal bushland: responses of bird and ant diversity to vegetation condition.
  • Dmitri Ivanov (2014) The effect of hard setting magnetite tailings on the seedling emergence of six semi-arid species.
  • Russell Miller (2014) The impact of long fire-free intervals on the persistence of serotinous non-sprouting plant species on the northern sandplain of south-western Australia.