The Marine Restoration Ecology Team is multi-disciplinary with specialisation in genetics, seed biology and ecology, aquaculture and tissue culture, marine ecology and marine restoration ecology.

Our major research themes are:

  • Assessing population genetic structure, genetic provenance and clonal diversity

  • Dispersal of pollen and seeds using field, molecular, and computer modeling techniques

  • Identifying and overcoming ecological processes that pose bottlenecks to seagrass recruitment

  • Development of science-driven restoration techniques in the field utilising transplant material and seeds

  • Optimizing transplant and seedling growth through rigorous aquaculture-based approaches

  • Ecophysiology of seeds and seedlings

  • Seed dormancy and seed-banking of marine angiosperms

  • Development of seed and seedling storage and tank culture protocols.

  • Development of genetic-based guidelines for sourcing local provenance material (reproductive propagules, vegetative sprigs, or other transplant units) for effective seagrass meadow restoration.