Please contact Dr Elizabeth Sinclair with any enquiries relating to Marine Ecology and Restoration.

Research Scientists

  • Prof Kingsley Dixon
  • Dr Elizabeth Sinclair
  • Dr John Statton
  • Dr Siegy Krauss
  • Dr Janet Anthony
  • Dr Dave Merritt
  • Dr Gary Kendrick (external)
  • Dr Ryan Lowe (external)


Samuel Gustin-Craig (2012) Improving seagrass restoration success by quantifying spatially variable herbivory. Honours Thesis. (Supervisors: Prof Kingsley Dixon, Prof Gary Kendrick, Dr John Statton)

Ms Ilena Gecan (2012) Realized pollen dispersal in the seagrass Posidonia australis. Honours Thesis. (Supervisors: Dr Elizabeth Sinclair, Dr Siegy Krauss, Prof Gary Kendrick)

Mr Brian Poh (2011) Does the presence of pioneering seagrasses indicate suitable restoration sites – a contrary view on facilitation? Honours Thesis (Supervisors: Prof Kingsley Dixon, Dr John Statton)

Mr John Statton (2011) Restoration potential of Posidonia australis seedlings is enhanced through aquaculture. PhD Thesis. (Supervisors: Prof Gary Kendrick, Dr Kingsley Dixon, Dr Marion Cambridge)

Mr Timothy Wiegele (2010) Sediment characteristics influence the growth and root morphology of Posidonia seedlings: implications for restoration. Honours Thesis (Supervisors: Prof Kingsley Dixon, Dr John Statton)

Ms Renae Hovey (2009) Responses of Posidonia australis Hook.f. and Posidonia sinuosa Cambridge et Kuo transplants to nitrogen, phosphorus and iron additions in Oyster Harbour, Western Australia, with focus on root development. PhD Thesis. (Supervisors: Prof Gary Kendrick, Dr Marion Cambridge)