Restoration Ecology

Telfer Gold MineThe Restoration Ecology team undertakes innovative research and operations to enhance and restore the conservation values of degraded lands including urban bushland remnants, agricultural and post-mine lands.

Recent research highlights include:

  • Developing integrated weed management strategies.
  • Developing topsoil handling and storage guidelines for the mining industry.
  • Deriving completion criteria for 'best practise' bushland restoration and revegetation for the mining industry.
  • Improved recovery of rare and threatened species.
  • Understanding factors limiting species establishment, plant community processes and sustainability of restoration for urban bushland and the resources sector.

Kings Park’s Restoration Ecology Group researches a wide spectrum of new and innovative methods for tackling the ecological restoration in urban bushlands and post-mining and post-degradation environments. The Group has projects and experience working across Western Australia’s bio-diverse ecosystems, from Pilbara grassland and savannah, mid-west shrublands, Swan Coastal Plains Banksia woodlands and shrublands to Jarrah forest, marine seagrass meadows, and arid coastal communities.

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The key research areas for Restoration Ecology are:

  • Determining complex biodiversity targets for restoration;

  • Harnessing ecological processes and building resilience and function in sustainable restoration;

  • Optimising the hydrological, chemical and physical properties of restoration substrates for establishment of communities and species;

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The group focuses on both the restoration of urban bushland under the care of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (Bold Park and Kings Park), and areas in need of restoration across the state of Western Australia and around the world. We undertake contract restoration research and operations for the private sector namely the resources (minerals and energy) sector, and the services sector, to enable conservation of our State’s biodiversity.

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Completed research projects:

  • Assessing the impact of fire suppressing agents on native vegetation in Western Australia. (Funding: Fire and Emergency Services Authority, Western Australia).

  • Deriving research benchmarks for nationally threatened plant species occurring on Westralia Airports Corporation Land. (Industry partner: Westralia Airports Corporation).

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Please contact Professor Kingsley Dixon with any enquiries relating to Restoration Ecology.

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