Please contact Dr Jason Stevens with any enquiries relating to Restoration Ecology.

Koolanooka Threatened Ecological CommunityResearch Scientists

  • Professor Kingsley Dixon, Team Leader
  • Dr Deanna Rokich, Restoration Ecologist
  • Dr Ben Miller, Ecologist
  • Dr Lucy Commander, Seed Ecologist
  • Dr C. Ellery Mayence, Restoration Ecologist
  • Dr Luis Merino Martin, Ecohydrologist
  • Peter Golos, Restoration Ecologist
  • Dr Jason Stevens, Restoration Ecophysiologist
  • Dr David Merritt, Seed Scientist
  • Dr John Statton, Marine Restoration Ecologist

Current PhD Students

Rachael Ord
Post removal of Pinus pinaster plantations in Western Australia: Implications for reinstatement of Banksia woodland, a historical ecosystem assemblage.

Cameron Mounsey
Vegetation spatial pattern as an indicator of restoration success

Completed PhDs

Sacha Ruoss (submitted)
Restoration Ecology and Conservation of Rare Banded Ironstone Plants in an Arid Biodiversity Hotspot.

Mark Bundock (submitted)
Herbicide and adjuvant effects on native vegetation in Western Australia

Peter Golos (2012)
Restoring vegetation on waste rock dumps at Telfer mine site in Australia’s Great Sandy Desert: Topsoil management and plant establishment

Steve Benigno (2012)
Restoration in a postmine environment: Using ecophysiological techniques to improve the seedling establishment of framework Banksia woodland seedlings

David Leach (2012)
Impact of fire suppressing agents on native vegetation in Western Australia.

John Statton (2011)
Ecophysiology of early seedling growth and development for the effective translocation of seed-based propagules for restoration of seagrass (Posidonia australis) in Cockburn Sound.

Giuseppe Messina (2010)
Deriving Research Benchmarks for Nationally Threatened Plant Species occurring on Westralia Airports Corporation Land.

Alasdair Grigg (2009)
Restoration ecology of arid zone plants.

Lucy Commander (2008)
Seed biology and rehabilitation in the arid zone: a study in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Western Australia.