The group focuses on both the restoration of urban bushland under the care of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (Bold Park and Kings Park), and areas in need of restoration across the state of Western Australia and around the world. We undertake contract restoration research and operations for the private sector namely the resources (minerals and energy) sector, and the services sector, to enable conservation of our State’s biodiversity.

A novel approach to borrow pit restoration at a Solar Salt Facility in Shark Bay.

Some current and recent projects are:

  • Broad scale implementation of native grass germination enhancement technologies. Industry partner: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation.

  • Integrated conservation of Androcalva perlaria. (2010 - 2016) Chief investigator: Dr Shane Turner. Industry partner: Grange Resources.

  • Bold Park restoration research. Industry partner: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.

  • Mt Eliza Escarpment restoration monitoring and reporting. Industry partner: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.

  • Sustainable restoration of Banksia woodland communities following sand quarrying. Industry partner: Rocla Quarry Products.

  • Restoration of Banded-Ironstone endemic communities and species in the Midwest – several projects. Industry partners: Extension Hill/Asia Iron, Cliffs Asia Pacific Iron Ore, Sinosteel Midwest Corporation.

  • Restoration of arid grasslands and woodlands in the Great Sandy Desert. Industry partner: Birla Nifty Copper Operation.

  • Seagrass meadow restoration in Cockburn Sound. Industry partner: Cockburn Cement.

  • Researching and developing integrated restoration of borrow pits for Shark Bay Resources Pty Ltd. Industry partner: Shark Bay Salt.

  • Identifying restoration benchmarks based on remotely-sensed imagery of vegetation spatial pattern. Industry partner: Rocla Quarry Product.