Due to very high fire danger conditions, Naturescape is closed and Kings Park afternoon guided walks are cancelled.


The key research areas for Restoration Ecology are:

  • Determining complex biodiversity targets for restoration;

  • Harnessing ecological processes and building resilience and function in sustainable restoration;

  • Optimising the hydrological, chemical and physical properties of restoration substrates for establishment of communities and species;

  • Understanding ecological processes influencing plant establishment, namely processes that reflect seedling recruitment and survival opportunities;

  • Understanding soil seed-bank dynamics;

  • Developing revegetation techniques and topsoil handling and storage technologies;

  • Developing integrated weed management strategies;

  • Deriving seed quality standards;

  • Enabling recovery of rare and threatened species following disturbance;

  • Deriving benchmark standards to enable measurement of restoration success;

  • Undertaking monitoring programs to evaluate restoration progress and to identify follow-up restoration measures; and

  • Great Sandy DesertInvestigating and developing the use of remote-sensing technologies to assist with ecosystem assessment and restoration monitoring.