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Manager Biodiversity and Extensions
Kings Park and Botanic Garden
Fraser Avenue
Kings Park 6005
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Research themes

  • Propagation and cultivation of Declared Rare Flora
  • Translocation of rare flora to degraded and natural ecosystems
  • Bushland management
  • Management of environmental weeds in degraded and natural ecosystems


  • 2009 Australian Native Plants Award (Professional Category).
  • 2000 Golden Gecko award for environmental excellence.

Major projects


  • Translocation of the Sticky eremophila Eremophila resinosa into degraded ecosystems at Westonia WA.
  • Translocation of the critically endangered Bancroft’s symonathus Symonanthus bancroftii.
  • Translocation of the critically endangered Corrigin Grevillea Grevillea scapigera.


  • Translocation of four species of Declared Rare Flora from the Scott Coastal Plain Ironstone Community to the BHP Billiton Beenup Rehabilitation Project
  • Translocation of Verticordia lindleyi subsp. lindleyi.

Selected publications

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