Research Fellow (Conservation Genetics)
Kings Park and Botanic Garden
Fraser Avenue
West Perth Western Australia 6005
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(+61 8) 9480 3642
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Research interests

  • Landscape ecology
  • Pollen and seed dispersal
  • Pollination biology and ecology
  • Ecological and conservation genetics
  • Avian ecology

Academic background

I started at Kings Park and Botanic Garden in August 2012 on a collaborative ARC funded project with Murdoch University, headed by Neal Enright and Siegy Krauss. The project is investigating the dispersal ecology of large-seeded plants in Western Australia with a view to establish what impact the loss of a long distance disperser from the landscape will have on populations.

Prior to this, I completed my PhD at The Australian National University on a project that involved CSIRO Plant Industry. My PhD titled Landscape ecology and genetics of the Emu Bush (Eremophila glabra ssp. glabra) was supervised by Andrew Young (CSIRO Plant Industry), Saul Cunningham (CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences) and David Lindenmayer (The Australian National University, Fenner School of Environment and Society). I conducted a comparative analysis of the reproductive and genetic performance of plant populations in a fragmented landscape to determine their functional connectivity. Investigations included pollinator (bird) community composition and feeding behaviour; plant fecundity; levels of gene flow; and fitness of progeny.

Before my PhD, I was involved with a Land and Water funded project at Department of Environment and Conservation, titled Genetic and ecological viability of plant populations in remnant vegetation and headed by David Coates, Margaret Byrne and Colin Yates.

Preceding this project, I completed my Honours degree at Murdoch University on a project that involved Department of Environment and Conservation. It was titled Genetic relationships and population biology of Acacia sp. Dandaragan and was supervised by Phil Ladd (Murdoch University) and Colin Yates (Department of Environment and Conservation). I described the spatial distribution; population size and structure; life history characteristics and seed biology of a critically endangered taxon. In addition, I determined the taxonomic relationship between this taxon and the common sister species through morphological and genetic variation. My Bachelor of Science degrees were also completed at Murdoch University.


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