Tamala RoomThe Western Australian Ecology Centre Tamala Room is available for hire for activities relating to the core business of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA). This includes activities related to biodiversity, conservation, research, horticulture, land management, education and tourism. An alternative type of activity is not permitted without prior written permission from the BGPA.

Prior to booking a venue, event organisers are encouraged to visit the venue personally to ensure it is suitable and refer to the Terms and Conditions below and the general Bold Park Conditions of Use.

Further details are provided in the Tamala Room application form, available to download below or from Bold Park Administration in printed form. Please complete and submit the application form to proceed with your booking. 

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If you require further information please contact the Customer Service Officer.

Terms and Conditions

Waiver of Liability
The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority accepts no liability of any person or body for any loss, injury or property damage from any action or cause whatsoever undertaken at the Western Australian Ecology Centre or in Bold Park.

BGPA reserves the right to retract this agreement or part of it at any time.

Responsibility of the Event Organisers
Event organisers are responsible for ensuring all participants comply with these conditions and Regulations under the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority Act 1998. It is in your best interest that all hire equipment companies are aware of the BGPA Regulations as all infringements are issued to the event organisers.

Event organisers must hold a current public liability insurance policy to the minimum value of $10 million. Please forward a copy of official documentation to BGPA with your application.

The BGPA requests as much notice as possible when lodging an application to conduct activities in the Western Australian Ecology Centre, to allow sufficient time to process your application. Applicants are required to notify BGPA of any changes to their application prior to the event.

Loss or Damage
The event organisers are required to pay for any damages to or loss of equipment arising from the event. This includes but is not limited to equipment, furniture, floor coverings, damage to park infrastructure or vegetation. You will not be held responsible for mechanical breakdown of equipment unless directly caused by misuse.

Fees and Charges
All prices are inclusive of GST and include a non-refundable booking fee in the event of a booking cancellation. Full payment must be forwarded on submission of an application and can be made by cheque, credit card or electronic funds transfer.

Your booking will not be confirmed until such time that you receive written confirmation from the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.

All cancellations must be made in writing. Fees will not be refunded after one working day prior to the reserved date or due to inclement weather on the day.

Security / Events held outside office hours
Additional charges may apply for events / functions held outside office hours (Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm), to cover the cost of a staff member's presence for the event, primarily for building security purposes. This requirement will be determined by the BGPA on a case-by-case basis. If required, the BGPA staff member will be charged to your event / function at a rate of $60 per hour (inclusive of GST). In the event that the BGPA waives the requirement for a staff member to be present, the event organiser must accept responsibility for the security of the building and its contents during the event and for ensuring the building is totally secure with the alarm set prior to vacating the building.

Confirmation / Event Meeting
All event organisers must complete a current application form and return it to BGPA. Application forms are available by telephoning the Customer Services Officer on Ph: (+61 8) 9480 3990. Your booking will not be confirmed until such time that you receive written approval from the BGPA.

An Event Meeting may be required prior to your planned activity, which can be arranged by contacting the Customer Services Officer. This meeting will cover directions for the use of equipment required.

Set up / Set down
BGPA do not offer set up or set down of the Tamala Room. The setting up and packing away of your activity is not included in the hire of the room. Please be aware that your specified time must include set up and set down. Coming in to set up the day before your event may be possible (depending on availability). Please ensure you include any set up and set down time on your application form.

Additional Equipment
BGPA does not permit the erection of marquees or other structures without prior written permission. Where a marquee has been approved, a security guard must be present for the duration of the function. The use of portable chairs, tables or stools is allowed provided they only remain in place for the duration of the activity.

Decorations / Signage
Nothing is to be nailed, screwed, stapled or attached in anyway to any wall, door, other surface or part of the building or any trees, shrubs or other vegetation or existing infrastructure within Bold Park. Banners or signage in a public area are not permitted unless prior written approval is given.

Musical instruments, battery powered amplifiers or tape recorders may be operated with prior written permission, provided they do not exceed acceptable noise levels or offend other visitors.

At the completion of your activity, the WA Ecology Centre facilities should be left in a clean and tidy state, as close as possible to the conditions on your arrival. All rubbish must be removed and all equipment / chairs must be packed away.

Additional cleaning charges may apply if the Tamala Room / kitchen facilities / gallery areas are not cleaned to an acceptable standard, charged at a rate of $25 per hour and invoiced to the event organisers. In instances where extraordinary cleaning is required, the resulting fee will be charged to the event organisers.

BGPA does not reserve parking for events. Parking is free and available directly outside the Tamala Room and to the north in front of Perry House. Vehicles are not permitted to leave the roads or parking areas or park in 'no parking' zones. This includes catering vans.

If you are expecting more than 40 vehicles to attend your activity, you are required to contact BGPA at least one week prior so an additional parking area can be arranged. Parking is only permitted in designated parking areas. Infringements can be issued to non-compliant drivers.

All media activity at BGPA premises requires prior notification and approval. Please advise BGPA well in advance if you intend to invite media representatives to your activity.

Smoking is not permitted inside or immediately surrounding the doors of the Western Australian Ecology Centre. Please smoke in the designated smoking area. Cigarette butts are considered rubbish; please ensure any discarded cigarette butts are removed.

Alcohol consumption
Consumption of alcohol is not permitted without prior written permission.

Emergency Procedure
In the event of an emergency, visitors must obey any lawful directions of the BGPA staff members and abide by the BGPA Regulations, as construed and governed by the laws of Western Australia.