Community concerns that many children are not in touch with nature, in the same way that previous generations have been, provided a call to action to Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Log walking‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ is a term that has gained popularity with many of today’s parents and educators, referring to the trend for children to be spending less time outdoors, with detrimental results. The term was coined by author Richard Louv in his book ‘Last Child in the Woods’, published in 2005.

Many commentators such as Louv have noted that social changes mean children are spending less free time outdoors as a result of our increasingly busy and urbanised lives. Parental concerns about safety and the prevalence of electronic technology in all aspects of daily life are also key factors.

Consultation and the search for funding partners for this project commenced in 2008, with an official announcement that it would go ahead made in April 2009.

The role of Kings Park and Botanic Garden is to provide more than just places to visit. It is to facilitate education about conservation and environment and to connect with the community.

If you would like to be involved in this unique project, there are many dynamic volunteering opportunities available.

All ideas and suggestions for future development are welcome. Share your ideas and contact our Customer Services Officer.

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