The Authority welcomes those wishing to participate in healthy activities and has a number of ovals and grassed areas suitable for fitness groups within Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Fitness trainingAll commercial fitness activities require written permission from the Authority and must comply with the Terms and Conditions and Botanic Gardens and Parks Regulations 1999. Failure to comply may result in a penalty of up $1500 and/or the fitness trainer being prohibited from operating in Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Our regulations limit the impact of Fitness Training on fellow park visitors, nearby residents and the general conservation of Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

No booking is required for individuals to participate in recreational activities such as jogging, walking or cycling.

Please note specific conditions for Fitness Training:

  • Non commercial fitness activity is free for groups of up to 25 participants, however, bookings are essential. Booking permits are valid for a maximum of six months. Organisers must provide valid proof of public liability insurance.
  • Fitness training is not permitted in the Western Australian Botanic Garden, State War Memorial Precinct or off bushland tracks.
  • Parking in Kings Park is freely provided for the exclusive use of park visitors. Jacob's Ladder is not within Kings Park - it is owned and managed by the Perth City Council. Penalties apply for parking in Kings Park and leaving to use Jacob's Ladder.
  • The Exhibition Ground, Kings Park Road precinct, Hale Oval, Saw Avenue, DNA Tower Area and Broadwalk Vista, Synergy Parkland and Fraser Avenue Lawn are approved areas for Fitness Training (refer to Sport and Fitness brochure).
  • The use of memorials, trees and other park infrastructure such as park benches for fitness training is prohibited (excluding the DNA Tower).
  • The use of fitness equipment is subject to written approval by the Authority. Gym apparatus such as bench presses, rowing machines, steppers or weight bars are not permitted.

Fees and charges are detailed in the Fitness Training application pack, available to download below or from Kings Park Administration in printed form. Please complete the application form within the pack and refer to Make a Booking to proceed with your venue booking.

pdfFitness Training application pack121.78 KB

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Please contact the Bookings Officer for further information and assistance.