Talk to one of our friendly Nature Activity Officers to find out if any special activities are happening during your visit to Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park. Try the 'Scavenger Hunt' or follow our 'What Tree is That?' trail.

Tree hideHere are a few of our other favourite things:

  • Climb a tree hide for a birds-eye view.

    What can you see?

  • Find a quiet place listen to the sounds of bush.

    How many can you hear?

  • Count how many different birds you see at the Lotterywest Bushbase.

    What are they doing?

  • Pretend to be a bilby hiding from a dingo.

    Where can you hide?

  • Follow an ant trail in Kulunga Gully.

    Where does it go?

  • Venture into the web at The Tangle.

    Think about how nature is like a tangled web.

  • Search for dragonflies on Boomerang Bridge.

  • Build a mia-mia or cubby.

  • Find the smallest flower.

  • Make a mud pie at The Spring.

  • Climb the rocks over the Tuart Tunnel.

  • Make yourself a bush necklace.

  • Weave a giant nest in the Prickly Thicket.

  • Have a leaf-boat race in Paperbark Creek.

  • Make a bush picture in the sand.

  • Create a twig sculpture.

  • Listen for frog calls or spot a tadpole or a dragonfly at the Water Corporation Wetland.

  • Look carefully for birds in their nests.

Have you got a great idea you'd like to share? Contact us and tell us about it...