There are plenty of things to do in Rio Tinto Naturescape in Kings Park. Climb a tree hide for a birds-eye view. What can you see?

Tree hideHere are a few of our favourite things:

  • Make a mud pie at The Spring.
  • Climb the rocks over the Tuart Tunnel.
  • Make yourself a bush necklace.
  • Weave a giant nest in the Prickly Thicket.
  • Have a leaf-boat race in Paperbark Creek.
  • Find a quiet place listen to the sounds of bush.
    How many can you hear?
  • Count how many different birds you see at the Lotterywest Bushbase.
    What are they doing?
  • Pretend to be a bilby hiding from a dingo.
    Where can you hide?
  • Search for dragonflies on Boomerang Bridge.
  • Build a mia-mia or cubby.
  • Follow an ant trail in Kulunga Gully.
    Where does it go?
  • Find the smallest flower.
  • Venture into the web at The Tangle.
    Think about how nature is like a tangled web.
  • Make a bush picture in the sand.
  • Create a twig sculpture.
  • Listen for frog calls or spot a tadpole or a dragonfly at the Water Corporation Wetland.
  • Look carefully for birds in their nests.

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