Giant everlasting by Hazel MorganView competition winners

Two fun Kings Park Festival competitions were held in 2014.

Tag us and Win competition

The 'Tag us and Win' competition had an overwhelming number of entries. Visitors were encouraged to add #kingsparkfestival to the photos they took at the Festival and post them to Facebook and Instagram. There were hundreds of amazing images! The winners are:

1st prize winner
Hazel Morgan

2nd prize winner
Amy Donovan

3rd prize winner
Paul Harrison

Tell us and Win competition

The 'Tell us and Win' competition gave visitors a chance to send in their ideas about what they would love to see at the 2015 Kings Park Festival. We had lots of great entries. The winners and their entries are:

1st prize winner
Patricia Cebis

A 'meet and greet' service for aged residents in hostel care would be a great addition to the Festival. Although these visitors would be unable to leave their buses, some friends of Kings Park could board the buses with samples of flora to see, touch and smell. Remember the fragrance of crushed Eucalypt, the honeyed scent of Stirlingia and Acacia. These would be brief morning visits and could perhaps allow for a scenic drive through the Park. Best wishes for continued success in all of the Park's ventures.

2nd prize winner
Joan Pope

I suggest that we be your special 'POETS FLOREATE' next year.
We are a group of senior actors and retired teachers who read poetry really rather well.
We have lots of poems about Spring and Gardens in general
But there are very few about West Australian wildflowers;
So how about you put out a special call for some and we will read them for all the visitors to the festival.

3rd prize winner
Margaret Owens

One thing I would like to see is a chance for people to learn how to make flower remedies from native plants. It could happen over a few days to let people see the results.