Exhibition areaThe 2014 Kings Park Festival celebrated the 'Magic of Nature' with a varied program, from fascinating outdoor exhibitions to artists in residence and spectacular wildflower displays! The 'Unearthed' exhibition was a popular attraction where visitors learnt about the world underground. There were tales of trickery, all you need to know about ants, fantastic fungi stories and much more.

Kings Park had another turf tattoo this year that showed off the roots of four different Kings Park trees. Visitors marvelled at how far these roots stretched and were amazed at the seed display to see how big trees can grow from such small seeds. 'Eva Bloom' was the Festival superstar this year. She was the overgrown Pink Everlasting basking in the sun on the grass outside Aspects of Kings Park gallery shop. You couldn't miss her!

The Aspects of Kings Park gallery shop window was covered in an artistic design of the underground and two artists were in residence over September for visitors to come and see their work. Ruth de Vos and Todd Moore both held the artist residency and taught visitors about their works.