Kings Park Education logoKings Park Education inspires the understanding of Western Australia’s unique plants, people and places. There is a strong emphasis on the role we can all play in a sustainable future.

All Kings Park Education programs are linked to the Australian curriculum and delivered in exceptional learning spaces by qualified educators. We specialise in the curriculum areas of science, history, geography, sustainability and Nyoongar culture.

'Mixing structured learning programs with unstructured nature play to encourage exploration and fun is our magic ingredient.' - Kings Park Education Coordinator.

Kings Park Education is a proud member of the WA Sustainable School Alliance, supporting schools and their communities to live and work more sustainably. The Kings Park Education centre consists of a modern, sustainably designed indoor classroom and a number of 'outdoor living classrooms', with tree logs for seating under shady trees, a jetty in the Water Corporation Wetland and a fire pit for traditional Aboriginal activities such as bush tucker and tool making.

In addition, the Western Australian Botanic Garden provides a spectacular learning landscape with access to thousands of species of unique plants, culturally significant landmarks and leading conservation research. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the Western Australian Botanic Garden is part of a worldwide network of botanic gardens dedicated to education, research and conservation. Kings Park Education pays a crucial role within the Western Australian Botanic Garden and is recognised as a leader in innovative environmental education.

Excursions to Kings Park are enhanced with a visit to Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park, which is a place for children to connect with nature and learn to appreciate the unique Western Australian environment. The area is not a playground or picnic area. It has been designed to retain as much of its natural bush setting as possible. It provides an opportunity to explore, climb rocks and ropes, wade through creeks, build cubbies and get dirty - bringing back a level of challenge, adventure and connection to nature that has been missing from many urban childhoods. Great care has been taken to provide children with a real ‘bush’ experience in the middle of our city, combined with inspiring design and high quality amenities.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is highly regarded around Australia and internationally for its scientific research and conservation, as well as its outstanding presentation and visitor amenities. You may be interested in the tertiary and adult education programs offered by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.

The Kings Park Education Newsletter helps teachers and education professionals keep updated on the latest programs, upcoming special events and advice.Ecological Footprint and Social Handprint - Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative