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Explore the wonders of the bush

Become an explorer, using your senses to discover the wonders of the bush. Investigate the natural environment, developing observational skills and vocabulary in a series of hands-on activities. Can you find something small, something shiny and something rough? Can you use matching skills to find the colours of your own bush rainbow in the natural materials around you? A sense of curiosity is essential for this interactive program.

'(The highlight was) getting the children to really listen, smell, feel and look at plants and animals in the bush.' - Kindergarten Teacher


By the end of this program students will:

  • Discuss how they have different senses that they use to explore and find out about the world
  • Use their senses to explore a bushland environment
  • Find and sort different natural materials on the basis of observable properties
  • Use matching to find certain colours in natural materials
  • Use natural materials to create an artwork to take home.

Australian Curriculum Links

Kings Park Education Programs complement learning outcomes of the Australian Curriculum.

Download: pdf'Bushland Explorers' Australian Curriculum Content Codes107.37 KB

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Bushland Explorers programBushland Explorers programBushland Explorers program