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Exploring Western Australian habitats and the role of conservation

Explore areas of natural vegetation and some special plant and animal communities. Examine the relationships between the plants and animals in these unique Western Australian Environments. After investigating threats and changes to habitats, develop actions to help conserve and protect them.

'Really engaging, love the hands-on approach and link to conservation. The kids LOVED it!' - Year 4 Teacher


By the end of this program students will:

  • Become familiar with some main vegetation types, focusing on Western Australia
  • Investigate how climate and vegetation are connected
  • Explore the significance of vegetation to the environment and people
  • Explore the relationships between plants and animals in these vegetation areas
  • Explore factors that cause the environment to change over time and threats to habitats such as drought
  • Develop an 'action' to protect a particular environment.

Australian Curriculum Links

Kings Park Education Programs complement learning outcomes of the Australian Curriculum.

Download: pdf'Environment Investigators' Australian Curriculum Content Codes96.41 KB

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Environment Investigators program Environment Investigators program

Tags: Year level: 4,5,6
Curriculum links: Geography,Science,Sustainability
Program type: Education program
Maximum duration: 90 minutes