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Discovering plant parts, pollinators and life cycles

Take a close look as you examine the characteristics of some amazing native plants and discover what makes a plant a living thing. Investigate plants at the different stages of their life cycles and explore the ways plants and animals depend on each other for survival. Students take part in hands-on activities and a lifecycle scavenger hunt.

'Absolutely love this excursion. It's a Plant's life is so informative and so well linked to our class topic.' - Year 4 Teacher

'Thank you so much for providing this outstanding experience for our students so they can appreciate our beautiful and very special Australian flora!' - Year 4 Teacher


By the end of this program students will:

  • Understand plants are living things that grow, move, are sensitive to the environment and reproduce
  • Observe the characteristics of plants as they develop through their life cycles
  • Recognise that environmental factors can affect life cycles (such as fire and seed germination)
  • Recognise there is a range of different kinds of plants
  • Understand plants and animals depend on each other and the environment to survive
  • Understand the interactions between plants and animals can be mutually beneficial.

Australian Curriculum Links

Kings Park Education Programs complement learning outcomes of the Australian Curriculum.

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It's a Plant's Life program It's a Plant's Life program It's a Plant's Life program It's a Plant's Life program

Tags: Year level: 3,4
Curriculum links: Geography,Science,Sustainability
Program type: Education program
Maximum duration: 90 minutes