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Explore the role of science in plant conservation

Discuss Western Australian biodiversity, conservation and the role Kings Park and Botanic Garden plays. Meet with a senior plant scientist for a tour of the science laboratories and WA Seed Technology Centre to observe and discuss the current work of our scientists and horticulturalists (60 minutes).

'The students enjoyed the hands-on aspect, the seed handling and being in situ in the Science Lab' - Year 12 Teacher

By the end of this program, students will:

  • Learn about areas of science focus at Kings Park (Restoration ecology, Conservation Seed Science/ Propagation Science, Conservation Genetics, Conservation Biotechnology, Marine/Ecology Restoration)
  • Visit a glasshouse, seed store and science lab to see scientists at work, meet with a plant breeder to discuss crossbreeding to produce new varieties or lines with desirable properties, and controlled pollination
  • Investigate biodiversity in Western Australia
  • Discover the science behind tissue culture, seed biology and seed x-rays.

Then chose a further option (60 minutes) that best suits your students learning requirements:

  1. Hands-on seed science in the field (Seed Science)

    Students visit a bushland site to collect seeds for rehabilitation. They will identify plants, use the correct collecting and recording techniques to create a herbarium specimen; and learn how to clean, dry and store seeds for future propagation. Students discuss the uses of smoke water to germinate native seeds following current horticultural practices and plant a seed to take home.

  2. Exploring WA Biodiversity guided walk (Conservation and Biodiversity)

    On a guided walk through the state Botanic Garden students observe feature and adaptations of native plants. They visit the conservation garden to discuss critically endangered plants and current conservation practices. Students are encouraged to bring cameras to document specimens and use the images for identification back in the class room.

Australian Curriculum Links

Kings Park Education Programs complement learning outcomes of the Australian Curriculum.

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Science of Conservation program Science of Conservation program

Tags: Year level: 11,12
Curriculum links: Science,Sustainability
Program type: Education program
Maximum duration: 120 minutes