Creative Play Spaces program cover

Investigating innovative play spaces

A guided tour of Kings Park's most popular children's play spaces. Visit the Ivey Watson Playground designed for children under five and the ground–breaking Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park which offers nature-based play for primary-aged children. Experience these spaces from a child's perspective and gain an understanding of their design, operation and risk management.

'I thoroughly enjoyed it, very happy the students walked away with lots and lots of information.' - Year 11 Teacher

For students and adults interested in Early Years Learning in the outdoors and/or contemporary play space design.


By the end of this program students will:

  • Understand the design principles and philosophy behind the play spaces
  • Discuss the developmental needs of children and the role of play spaces
  • Consider the different elements that need to be considered when designing a play space, including basic comfort, safety, maintenance, rules and regulations
  • Discuss the concepts of risk management, risk/benefit analysis  and the 'risk-takers advantage'.

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Tags: Year level: 10,11,12,Tertiary
Curriculum links: Early Childhood Studies
Program type: Education program
Maximum duration: 60 minutes, 120 minutes