The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority manages Kings Park and Botanic Garden and Bold Park. The Authority’s Regulations cover a wide range of issues to ensure visitor safety and to protect the managed lands and assets.

The Authority may be required to issue infringements for breaches to the Regulations and penalties may apply. Actions that may attract infringements include illegal parking; speeding; littering; damage to plants or wildlife; or, dogs off leads.

Pay an infringement

Payments can be made by phone, fax, email, post, in person or online and no transaction fees or GST apply. Please refer to the payments section for further information.

Infringement process

  1. An infringement notice is issued for a breach of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority Regulations 1999.

  2. The infringement notice is the first notice and clearly states the alleged offence, registration of the vehicle (if applicable) and the date the payment is due. The payment period is 28 days from the issue date.

  3. If payment is not received within 28 days, a final demand notice will be issued with additional costs of $24.10 and a further 28 day payment period.

  4. If the final demand notice has not been paid by the due date or you have not requested the infringement notice to be reviewed, the matter is automatically referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry (FER). This will result in additional fees and may result in the suspension of your driver’s licence or vehicle registration. Refer to the Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Act 1994 for further detail.

    If your infringement has been referred to FER, please contact them directly:

    Fines Enforcement Registry
    Department of the Attorney General
    GPO Box X2293
    Perth, Western Australia, 6847
    Phone: 1300 650 235
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  5. At any point in the process, the alleged offender can elect to take the matter to court.

Update your personal details

The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority receives or obtains offender details at the time of the alleged offence or current contact details of registered vehicle owners from the Department of Transport.

If your details have changed, please download and complete the form below then send it to the Customer Service Officer.

pdfUpdate your personal details form142.18 KB

Nominate another driver or person in charge of the vehicle

Infringements are issued to the registered vehicle owner in the first instance. If the owner was not the driver or person in charge at the time of the alleged offence, or the vehicle was sold prior to the offence, the owner has 28 days from the issue date of the 'Infringement Notice' to nominate and supply details of the driver or person in charge (Section 49, Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority Act 1998).

To nominate another driver or person in charge of the vehicle, please download and complete the form below then send it to the Customer Service Officer.

pdfNominate another driver form142.18 KB

Appeal an infringement

In very limited circumstances, the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority may be prepared to withdraw an infringement that has been issued. Only the following situations may be considered for withdrawal:

  • You had an unforeseen medical emergency that prevented you from removing your vehicle and documentation is supplied by you from the ambulance service or medical practitioner or hospital to support this claim.
  • Your vehicle broke down after you parked it in Kings Park and it was unable to be moved and the following documentation is supplied by you to support this claim:
    - A completed Statutory Declaration, and
    - A towing receipt or proof of repairs (e.g., a receipt for parts, an invoice from a mechanic, RAC call-out documentation).
  • Your vehicle had been stolen prior to the infringement being issued and documentation is supplied to support this claim (including the reference number from the Police report).
  • Your vehicle was sold prior to the infringement being issued and documentation is supplied to support this claim (including the current contact details of the person you sold the vehicle to and/or a copy of the transfer papers).
  • You were in the Royal Kings Park Tennis Club or Next Generation Kings Park Club at the time of the infringement and you can supply evidence from the club that you were inside to support this claim (e.g., swipe card record). You must obtain this information from Next Generation Kings Park Club before sending your appeal.
  • You have a valid ACROD permit and can provide a copy of it.
  • You received a non-parking related infringement that you feel was issued unfairly due to extenuating circumstances.

Appeals will generally not be considered if you received your infringement because:

  • You were parked in an emergency access way. For the safety of all visitors to the park Emergency Access Ways must be left accessible at all times.
  • You left Kings Park only for a few minutes and then returned. Parking is only permitted in Kings Park when you are within the Kings Park boundaries. Please note: Jacob's Ladder is not part of Kings Park.
  • You did not know that parking restrictions applied - signs are posted at each entrance to Kings Park, stating that parking restrictions apply.
  • You lost track of the time. Time limits apply to certain areas of Kings Park (Wadjuk Carpark).
  • You did not see the sign. As the driver you must look for parking signs to ascertain if parking is permitted in the area you intend to leave your vehicle.
  • You did not understand the parking sign. The signs are based on the Road Traffic Code 2000 and Australian Standards.
  • You are a member of the Royal Kings Park Tennis Club or Next Generation Kings Park Club. You may only leave your vehicle in Kings Park while you are in the club or in Kings Park itself.
  • You thought you were allowed to park there. Only authorised vehicles can park in specially marked bays such as Loading Zones, Taxi Stands, Charter Bus Bays, and Disabled Bays (with ACROD permits).
  • You were only there for a few minutes. Restrictions apply as soon as you park your vehicle.
  • You were helping someone. Despite the good deed, you still need to ensure your vehicle adheres to BGPA Regulations.
  • You could not find a convenient parking bay. You can only park in designated parking areas.
  • You are a contractor, member, customer, or are employed by a proprietor within Kings Park. Parking restrictions apply to all vehicles entering Kings Park.
  • You were visiting when Kings Park was busy and parking was restricted. Parking rules apply during events and all weather conditions.
  • You had to use the toilet. You are still required to park in a designated parking area.

If, after reading the above, you still wish to appeal your infringement and can supply evidence to support your claim, you need to contact the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority. Appeals must be submitted with a completed Statutory Declaration form.

If you were the driver of the vehicle or alleged offender you must write to the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority and request the infringement to be withdrawn. Appeals will not be accepted by phone. Complete and post the following Request to Review Infringement Notice form and/or the Statutory Declaration to the Customer Service Officer.

If you do not attach all required documentation your appeal may not be accepted and could be sent back to you. Ensure you write legibly. Explain your reason, include your current contact information and attach the required documentation. 

pdfRequest to review infringement notice form208.79 KB

You may wish to download a Statutory Declaration Form from the Department of the Attorney General's website.

Take the matter to court

The Botanic Gardens and Park Authority requests that in the first instance an infringement appeal is considered by the Authority, if this is unsuccessful, the matter can then be heard by a court. To appeal, please use the 'Request to review infringement form' above.

Should you wish to proceed to take the matter to court, please use the form below:

pdfRequest to take matter to court form560.80 KB

The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority will refer the matter to the State Solicitor’s Office. If your court action is unsuccessful you may be liable for additional court fees.

Complete and post the form to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
1 Kattidj Close
Kings Park, Western Australia 6005

Once the form is received, a letter will be sent to confirm that the request has been referred to the State Solicitor’s Office for further action.

The State Solicitor’s office will handle the process from this point on and may be contacted:

State Solicitor
141 St George’s Terrace
GPO Box B83
Perth, Western Australia 6838
Phone: (+61 8) 9264 1888
Fax: (+61 8) 9264 1440
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Biara Cafe temporary closure

Biara Cafe will be closing temporarily from 2 August - 19 September for refurbishment works.

Administration car park closure

There will be limited access to the BGPA Administration building and the Kings Park Education and Learning building from Wednesday 15 June 2022 for approximately 8 weeks, due to ongoing Water Corporation works.

Water Corporation works

The Water Corporation is replacing approximately 700 metres of ageing water pipes between Mount Eliza Reservoir and Bellevue Terrace in Kings Park.

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