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Research Scientist (Seed Science)
Biodiversity Conservation Centre
Kattidj Close
Kings Park Western Australia 6005
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(+61 8) 9480 3928

Research interests

  • Seed ecology
  • Germination biology
  • Dormancy alleviation
  • Mine restoration
  • Arid zone ecology
  • Practical application of seed science
  • Triodia seed establishment

Academic background

2015 - PhD UWA - 'Seed dormancy classification and germination traits of 89 arid zone species targeted for mine-site restoration in the Pilbara region of Western Australia'

2006 - Bachelor of Applied Science (1st class honours) (BAppSc) - Biodiversity, Environmental, and Park Management, University of South Australia. Honours thesis title: 'Seed dormancy patterns and germination requirements of two nationally-threatened Compositae species, Bracyscome muelleri Sond. and Senecio megaglossus F. Muell., in semi-arid South Australia'

2003 - 2005 Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) - Biodiversity, Environmental, and Park Management, University of South Australia.

Major projects


  • Restoration Seedbank Initiative (2013 - 2018). Collaborators: Dr David Merritt (BGPA), Dr Miriam Munoz-Rojas (BGPA/UWA), Dr Shane Turner (BGPA/UWA), Prof Kingsley Dixon (BGPA/UWA). Industry partner: BHP Billiton Iron Ore.

Visit the Seed Conservation section to learn more about the current projects.


  • Seed dormancy patterns and germination requirements of dominant species in the Pilbara arid zone (The Pilbara Seed Atlas) (2008 - 2014). Collaborators: Prof Kingsley Dixon, Dr. David Merritt, Dr. Shane Turner, Dr. Phillip Ainsley (University of Adelaide). Industry partner: BHP Billiton Iron Ore.

Selected publications

Munoz-Rojas M, Erickson TE, Dixon KW and Merritt DJ (2016) Soil quality indicators to assess functionality of restored soils in degraded semi-arid ecosystems. Restoration Ecology (in press)

Erickson TE, Shackelford N, Dixon KW, Turner SR and Merritt DJ (2016) Overcoming physiological dormancy in seeds of Triodia (Poaceae) to improve restoration in the arid zone. Restoration Ecology (in press)

Getzin S, Yizhaq H, Bell B, Erickson TE, Postle AC, Katra I, Tzuk O, Zelnik YR, Wiegand K, Wiegand T and Meron E (2016) Discovery of fairy circles in Australia supports self-organization theory. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (in press).

Munoz-Rojas M, Lewandrowski W, Erickson TE, Dixon KW and Merritt DJ (2016) Soil respiration dynamics in fire affected semi-arid ecosystems: effects of vegetation type and environmental factors. Science of the Total Environment (in press).

Munoz-Rojas M, Erickson TE, Martini D, Dixon KW and Merritt DJ (2016) Soil physicochemical and microbiological indicators of short, medium and long term post-fire recovery in semi-arid ecosystems. Ecological Indicators 63: 14-22.

Perring MP, Standish RJ, Price JN, Craig MD, Erickson TE, Ruthrof KX, Whiteley AS, Valentine LE and Hobbs RJ (2015) Advances in restoration ecology: rising to the challenges of the coming decades. Ecosphere 6.

Carrick PJ, Erickson TE, Becker CH, Mayence CE, Bourne AR (2015) Comparing ecological restoration in South Africa and Western Australia: the benefits of a 'travelling workshop'. Ecological Management and Restoration 16:, 86-94.

Phillips RD, Steinmeyer F, Menz MHM, Erickson TE and Dixon KW (2014) Changes in the composition and behaviour of a pollinator guild with plant population size and its consequences for seed fitness. Functional Ecology 28: 846-856.

James JJ, Sheley RL, Erickson TE, Rollins KS, Taylor MH and Dixon KW (2013) A systems approach to restoring degraded drylands. Journal of Applied Ecology, DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.12090

Shackelford N, Hobbs RJ, Burgar JM, Erickson TE, Fontaine JB, Laliberte E, Ramalho CE, Perring MP and Standish RJ (2013) Primed for change: developing ecological restoration for the 21st century. Restoration Ecology, 21: 297-304.

Ainsley PJ, Jones MK and Erickson TE. (2008). Overcoming physiological dormancy in Prostanthera eurybioides (Lamiaceae), a nationally endangered Australian shrub species. Australian Journal of Botany 56: 214-219.

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