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Research Scientist (Restoration Ecology and Conservation Genetics)
Biodiversity Conservation Centre
Kattidj Close
Kings Park Western Australia 6005
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Research themes

  • Conservation and population genetics
  • Restoration ecology and genetics
  • Pollination ecology and plant-pollinator interactions
  • Avian and invertebrate ecology
  • Landscape ecology

Academic background

  • 2015 Post-doctoral research, Curtin University.
  • 2015 PhD, University of Western Australia. Thesis title: Ecological and Genetic Indicators of Restoration Success. Supervisors: Dr Siegy Krausss, Dr Paul Nevill, Dr Elizabeth Sinclair, Prof Kingsley Dixon.
  • 2011 - 2013 Casual Education Presenter, Visitor Services, Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.
  • 2009 BSc Conservation Biology and Management with first class Honours, University of Western Australia. Thesis title: Realized mating patterns of Banksia attenuata: contrasting restored and natural populations. Supervisors: Dr Siegy Krauss, Dr Ben Miller.

Major projects


  • Post-Pine Forest Restoration, Western Australia (2015 - 2020). Restoration of post-pine plantations to that of Banksia woodland. Collaborators: Prof Kingsley Dixon (Curtin), Dr Jason Stevens (BGPA/UWA). Industry partner: Urban Resources.
  • Measuring restoration success of Banksia woodlands (2010 - present). Collaborators: Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA/UWA), Dr Elizabeth Sinclair (BGPA/UWA), Dr Paul Neville (UWA), Prof Kingsley Dixon (Curtin). Industry partner: Rocla Quarry Products.


  • Pilbara phenological studies, Restoration Seedbank Initiative (2014 - 2015). Collaborators: Dr Todd Erickson (BGPA/UWA), Dr Shane Turner (BGPA/UWA), Dr Miriam Muñoz Rojas, Dr David Merritt (BGPA), Prof Kingsley Dixon (Curtin). Industry partner: BHP Billiton Iron Ore.

Research associates and students


  • Karen Frick (Hons; 2012) An assessment of reproductive functionality in Banksia menziesii within a post-mining, heterogenous landscape. Supervisors Dr Siegy Krauss, Dr Alison Ritchie.

Selected publications

Ritchie A (2014) A genetic assessment of ecological restoration success in Banksia attenuata. In: Bozzano M, Jalonen R, Thomas E, Boshier D, Gallo L, Cavers S, Bordacs S, Smith P and Loo J (eds). Genetic considerations in ecosystem restoration using native tree species. A thematic study for the State of the World’s Forest Genetic Resources. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, Italy.

Frick KM, Ritchie AL and Krauss SL (2014) Field of Dreams: Restitution of pollinator services in restored bird-pollinated plant populations. Restoration Ecology, 22: 832-840.

Ritchie A, Krauss S, Neville P, Sinclair EA and Dixon K (2013) The birds, bees and Banksia mating trees: measuring the success of Banksia woodland restoration using genetic and ecological markers. Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia. Vol 96, Part 1.

Ritchie AL, Krauss SL (2012) A genetic assessment of ecological restoration success in Banksia attenuata. Restoration Ecology, 20: 441–449.

Ritchie AL (2010) A genetic assessment of ecological restoration success. For People & Plants, Friends of Kings Park. Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, West Perth. Issue 70: 25-26.

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