Caladenia latifolia

Common name: Pink Fairy Orchid


Origin of Scientific Name

Caladenia latifolia commonly known as the Pink Fairy Orchid. Photo: D. Blumer.View image slideshow Caladenia - from the Greek calos, beautiful; adenos, gland; referring to the conspicuous glands on the labellum.

latifolia - broad leafed


A small tuberous perennial herb, 0.2-0.45 cm high with hairy, bright green, oblong-lanceolate leaves. Flower stems are tall and wiry, bearing 1-4 flowers. Flowers are about 1.5 cm across and white/pink in colour; labellum with numerous teeth.


Common in coastal areas frequently forming colonies from the WA South Coast to Central West Coast. Refer to the distribution map for this species via the Department of Parks and Wildlife FloraBase online herbarium.

Flowering Season

August - October


The Pink Fairy Orchid increases freely in cultivation and requires free draining soils where no irrigation is installed. This species proliferates in garden beds that have decomposed mulch but are susceptible to over watering through summer irrigation which can cause the dormant tubers to rot.

View in Kings Park

This species can be viewed through many garden beds in the Western Australian Botanic Garden, particularly within the Banksia garden bed.

Caladenia latifolia - Pink Fairy Orchid. Photo: D. Blumer.