Thank you for your interest in working with the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA) which manages both Bold Park and Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

The following information will assist you in preparing a job application for any advertised position with the BGPA.

Eligibility to apply

To be eligible for a fixed term appointment you must have documentary evidence of your entitlement to live and work in Australia for the period of the fixed term appointment.

To be eligible for permanent appointment to positions with the BGPA, you must have permanent residence status in Australia, as for any positions in the Western Australian Public Sector.

Writing your application

Your application should ideally include the following components:

Application for Job Vacancy Form

All particulars should be completed in full, including the acknowledgement slip.

pdfApplication for Job Vacancy Form122.21 KB

The name, work address and contact number of two referees should be included on the Application for Vacancy form, ideally one of whom is a current or recent manager/supervisor. Referees should be contacted for approval prior to the application submission.

Cover letter

Your cover letter should be no longer than one page and act as an introduction to your application. It should include a statement about why you are interested in the position and in working with the BGPA.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your Resume/CV should ideally be approximately three pages and formatted to assist the selection panel to quickly identify your current and past work roles, tasks performed, action taken, results and achievements.

Your Resume/CV should summarise the following information:

  • Personal details, including your current contact details
  • Summarised work history, including dates and details of the tasks/responsibilities undertaken and achievements in each position
  • Formal education history and training achievements, including current undertakings
  • Photocopies of any formal qualifications
  • Activities, skills or accomplishments outside of work that you feel are relevant to the position
  • At least two referees contacts. Ideally one of whom is a current or recent manager/supervisor.

Statement of claims

Selection criteria (or work requirements as identified in the Job Description Form) are the knowledge, skills, experience and abilities the selection panel consider necessary to perform the duties of the advertised position. Applicants must demonstrate their skills, experience and competence in a separate statement of claims against each of the criteria, which will be assessed by the selection panel when short-listing.

When addressing selection competencies, the panel will evaluate the applicant based on the use of recent, relevant and high quality examples. Applicants should quantify their relevant skills and past experience in summary form, in addition to providing recent, relevant examples that demonstrate their competencies. Information is to be presented in a clear, relevant and concise manner to demonstrate that essential competencies are met.

Applicants should provide a brief outline of relevant experiences and knowledge that demonstrates the scope of their competencies. For example, select the best example for each competency, clarify its application, resulting actions undertaken, how the contribution made a difference and how this difference was confirmed. Examples may be demonstrated using the STAR technique but this is not essential.

It is recommended that statement of claims against selection criteria is made under a separate heading for each criterion, using no more than half to one page for each of the listed selection criteria.

Applicants must provide copies of specific qualifications if stated as a selection competency requirement.

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Application submission

Vacancies are advertised for a prescribed period and specify a closing date. The closing time for advertised vacancies is 4.00 pm (AWST) on the nominated day.

Late applications cannot be accepted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all parts of their application are received by the nominated closing date and time. Please allow ample time for possible mailing or emailing delays.

Applicant checklist

Ensure your application includes:

  • Application for Job Vacancy Form (with acknowledgement slip completed)
  • Cover letter
  • Current Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Referees contacted and listed on Application for Job Vacancy Form
  • Statement of claims against the selection criteria
  • Any other information you believe is relevant to your application.


By Hand
Applications can be submitted to the Kings Park Administration Building located at Fraser Avenue, Kings Park, WA 6005. The Administration Building is open Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm (closed on Public Holidays).
By Post
Address your application to:
‘Advertised Vacancy’
Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
Fraser Avenue
Kings Park WA 6005

Note: If using a private courier service, it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the courier delivers the application by the due date and time to the nominated person in the advertisement and not to a general reception area. It is suggested, when using a courier service, to confirm with Human Resources that the application was received before the closing time.

By Email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You can attach up to 8MB in MS Word or Adobe PDF formats.
By Fax
(+61 8) 9322 5064

A return email or acknowledgment slip will be sent to you after your application is received.

Short-listing and selection process

  1. The selection panel will assess applicants against the selection criteria using information provided, including the application form, cover letter, claims against the selection criteria and your resume/CV.
  2. The most competitive applicant will be short-listed. Short-listed applicants will usually be invited to attend an interview.
  3. Highly competitive applicants may be required to participate in further selection processes.
  4. The selection panel will prepare a selection report and recommend the most suitable applicant for appointment to the position.
  5. When the recommendation is approved, all applicants are notified in writing of the selection decision, usually within 8-10 weeks of the closing date. If there is an unanticipated delay, applicants will be notified.


Applicants have the right and are encouraged to request feedback from the Convenor of the selection panel on their interview performance and competitiveness of the written application.

Breach of Employment Standard

The recruitment and selection of staff is undertaken in accordance with the WA Government Public Sector Standards. The intended outcome of the standards is that 'the most suitable and available people are selected and appointed'. The Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Standard states:

The minimum standard of merit, equity and probity is met for recruitment, selection and appointment if:

  • A proper assessment matches a candidate's skills, knowledge and abilities with the work-related requirements of the job and the outcomes sought by the public sector body, which may include diversity.
  • The process is open, competitive and free of bias, unlawful discrimination, nepotism or patronage.
  • Decisions are transparent and capable of review.

After receiving notice of the selection panel's appointment decision, applicants have the opportunity to seek feedback on their application/interview. While there is no appeal process based on merit (i.e., on the grounds that an unsuccessful applicant considers themselves a better applicant than any other), applicants other than those applying for base grade appointments have the right to lodge a claim against any alleged breach of the above standards.

Applicants who are not recommended for appointment will be notified in writing or via email at the conclusion of the selection process and advised of their right to lodge a Breach of Standard Claim within four working days of receiving notification of the selection decision. A Breach of Standard Claim may be lodged if you consider that the selection process did not comply with Public Sector Standards for employment.

Further details on this process are available in the letter to applicants advising the Selection Panel's decision.

Additional information

For further information please contact the Human Resources Officer or BGPA Jobs line on (+61 8) 9480 3613.

STAR Technique

Applicants may choose to support their statement of claims against the selection criteria with examples using the STAR technique: Situation, Task, Action, Result. Your statements addressing each of the selection criteria should include real-life examples that demonstrate your skill, experience and competencies to meet that criterion. The STAR technique may be used for this purpose but it is not essential.

Situation: describe the situation you were in or the task that you needed to carry out. You could include detail on the scenario, for example the workplace you were in and your role.

Task: describe the specific task, problem or issue you were faced with. You could include detail on the:

  • nature and complexity of the task,
  • timeframes given,
  • consequences if the task/problem/issue was not handled effectively.

Action: describe the action(s) you personally took to address/resolve/deal with the task, problem or issue. You could include detail on:

  • options available and how/why you chose the action you took,
  • any planning/research/preparation/liaison before carrying out the action.

Result: describe the outcomes reached as a result of the work you undertook. You could include detail on:

  • accomplishments you achieved,
  • any learning experiences,
  • what, if anything, you would do differently next time.

Interview preparation

In preparation for your interview, please consider the following:

  • Re-read the job description form and your application before the interview.
  • Focus on the selection criteria and think of examples (preferably work-related) that demonstrate your competencies against the selection criteria.
  • Do not assume that the selection panel knows about your work experiences and capabilities. Try to give full and relevant responses to the questions.
  • Take time to think about your answers but avoid ‘rambling’ in the interview.
  • Prior to the interview you will be told how much time is allocated to ensure that you manage your time accordingly. The selection panel may prompt you regarding time availability during the interview if required.
  • Note any questions you have for the panel to ask before the interview concludes.
  • Please bring any additional information that you believe will support your application for review by the panel at the end of the interview if time permits.
  • You may be given a copy of all or some of the interview questions prior to the interview. You will be notified of whether this will happen, at the time of arranging your interview. Read all questions and make brief notes in response to each one to prompt yourself. You may refer to these notes during the interview.

Selection tools

The BGPA uses a suite of selection tools to assist in making a final selection decision. These include:

  • Written application package
  • Selection interview and when required, additional follow-up interviews
  • Hands on work demonstration and or presentations
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Referee checks

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Visitor reminder

All cyclists and motorists are required to abide by the Road Traffic Code 2000 and must adhere to signage and directions by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.

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