The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority is seeking community feedback on the Draft Kings Park and Botanic Garden Management Plan 2021-2025 that will guide park management over the next five years.

Provide your feedback on the Draft Kings Park and Botanic Garden Management Plan 2021-2025.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner-city parks that attracts around five million visitors each year. It is highly valued by the community for its expansive landscaped gardens, rich Aboriginal cultural heritage, significant memorials, and natural bushland, and offers diverse opportunities for recreation, tourism, and cultural and ceremonial events.

It is also home to the WA Botanic Garden, a significant botanical resource for scientific and horticultural research, education and conservation of the Western Australian flora.  

The Draft Kings Park and Botanic Garden Management Plan 2021 – 2025 has been prepared with input from the community and stakeholders and details planned initiatives under five management categories: Community Engagement and Participation, Visitor Experiences, Science and Environmental Conservation, Plant Collections and Displays, and Amenity and Infrastructure.

We encourage you to make a submission to provide feedback on the proposals in this plan.

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Make your comments count

The management plan will be reviewed in light of the submissions according to the established criteria outlined below. An audit of submissions will be made available along with the final management plan, however responses to individual submissions will not be provided.   

The closing date for submissions is Monday 16 November 2020. 

Submissions can be made: 

  • By writing to: 

Planning Officer
Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
1 Kattidj Close, Kings Park and Botanic Garden
King Park WA 6005

  • By emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

To ensure a valid submission, your name, postcode and email address must be provided. If your submission is marked ‘confidential’ your contribution will remain anonymous, otherwise your initial, surname and postcode will be acknowledged in the audit of submissions but will not be linked to any responses. Your postcode will be used to generally indicate in the audit where the proportions of submissions came from (local, regional, state, national or international).  

Your contact details will not be made public and will only be used to contact you if further clarification of your submission is needed or to inform you later when the final management plan is released. Personal details will not be forwarded to any third party or used for any other purpose. 

To make your submission as effective as possible: 

  • be clear and concise 
  • refer your points to page numbers, subject headings or numbered initiatives in the plan 
  • say whether you agree or disagree with any of the content within each section - clearly state your reasons, particularly if you disagree 
  • give sources of information where possible 
  • suggest alternatives to any aspects of the plan with which you disagree. 

The management plan may be amended if a submission: 

  • provides additional information of direct relevance to management 
  • indicates a change in (or clarifies) government legislation or management policy 
  • proposes strategies that would better achieve management objectives 
  • indicates omissions, inaccuracies or a lack of clarity. 

The management plan may not be amended if a submission: 

  • clearly supports proposals in the plan or makes general or neutral statements 
  • refers to issues beyond the scope of the plan 
  • refers to issues already noted within the plan or already considered during its preparation 
  • is one among several widely divergent viewpoints received on the topic but the approach in the plan is still considered the best option 
  • contributes options which are not feasible (generally due to conflict with legislation, Government or Authority policy) 
  • is based on unclear or factually incorrect information.

If you have any futher enquiries please contact Kings Park Administration.


The wellbeing of our visitors, volunteers and staff is our number one priority during the current COVID-19 situation. We are closely monitoring and responding to Government health advice and putting extra measures in place to protect our staff, volunteers and visitors.

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WA has its say about Kings Park

Western Australia has returned a glowing report card to Kings Park via a community survey conducted early in 2020, with clear expectations for the park’s role in conserving the State’s flora and supporting the health of the community in its future management.

Invitation to comment

The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority is seeking community feedback on the Draft Kings Park and Botanic Garden Management Plan 2021-2025 that will guide park management over the next five years.

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