Discover Perth’s own native paradise this Botanic Gardens Day – located right here in Kings Park!

Entrance to the Western Australian Botanic Garden in Kings Park. Photo: D. Blumer.

The Western Australian Botanic Garden displays more than 3,000 of WA’s 12,000 plant species. The 17-hectare site is recognised as one of the world’s leading botanic gardens for its exceptional standards of presentation and its research achievements.

As well as being beautiful, tranquil places enjoyed by millions of people around the world each year, botanic gardens are important scientific institutions that play a critical role in our understanding and conservation of plants. Like a ‘living museum’, plants in botanic gardens are curated, documented and studied like a museum manages its artefacts.

Sure, botanic gardens are pretty but behind the scenes there are dozens of horticulturists, scientists and curators who keep accurate and detailed records to help us understand where plants come from, when they are added to the collection, and how they grow in their natural environments. Recording this information can help botanic garden teams grow and care for the plants, understand plant species’ histories and create conservation strategies to help species thrive in their natural habitats.

The role of botanic gardens in conserving and managing plant diversity includes:

  • Finding plants using herbarium records
  • Identifying plants using past records and staff expertise
  • Conserving plants in seed banks, tissue culture and in gardens
  • Restoring lost habitats and reintroducing plant species
  • Managing diverse species in diverse landscapes
  • Educating the community and raising awareness about plants and conservation.

Join in the #plantloverschallenge!

For the month of May, Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Inc (BGANZ) #plantloverschallenge everyone to share their love for plants by posting a 30-60 second video to your Facebook page or Instagram feed with a short message about how plants influence your lives, using hashtags #plantloverschallenge and #BotanicGardensDay. The Kings Park and Botanic Gardens team is taking part! Check out our Facebook and Instagram regularly for videos of our staff sharing their stories and native plant tips.

What can you do to help spread the word about how great botanic gardens are? Visit Kings Park on Botanic Gardens Day and enjoy a relaxing stroll through the Western Australian Botanic Garden or get involved in the great events we have on offer on this month. Not only will you benefit from being in nature, your visit helps us conserve Western Australia’s flora for future generations.

Botanic Gardens Day is an initiative of Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Inc (BGANZ) is the chief body representing botanic gardens in Australia and New Zealand, including Kings Park and Botanic Garden. BGANZ promotes the interests and activities of botanic gardens and how they benefit the community.

Water Corporation works

The Water Corporation is replacing approximately 700 metres of ageing water pipes between Mount Eliza Reservoir and Bellevue Terrace in Kings Park.

Floral Clock Maintenance

Please be advised that the Floral Clock outside Aspects of Kings Park Gallery Shop will be undergoing maintenance from Tuesday 22 March.

Bold Park disruption

Banksia Carpark in Bold Park is currently closed to the public due to stormwater damage.

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Botanic Gardens Day

Discover Perth’s own native paradise this Botanic Gardens Day – located right here in Kings Park!

New innovative AR experience launched at Kings Park

A new locally developed augmented reality experience has been launched at Kings Park in time for families to enjoy during these school holidays.

Rare Bussell’s Spider Orchid will bloom again

The endangered Bussell’s Spider Orchid (Caladenia busselliana) has been successfully germinated at Kings Park using seed collected more than 20 years ago from a sub-population that has since disappeared in the wild.

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