This is a Kings Park Story, written by Ricky and Charlotte. Narrated by Emma.

Hello girls and boys, my name is Emma. 

Welcome to Zippy’s Kings Park Adventures. Zippy Dragonfly lives in Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park with his bushland friends.   

Zippy loves listening to stories and today’s story is called Nyinny Kulbardi – The Little Magpie.

Are you good at listening? Zippy is!

In a cosy nest at the top of a very tall marri tree sits Nyinny Kulbardi, the little Magpie, waiting for Mother Kulbardi to return with some tasty food for dinner. Nyinny Kulbardi is getting restless. 

'What’s that noise! There’s someone here. Maybe they will play with me', Nyinny Kulbardi thought. 

It’s Yoolart Slinky Skink scurrying out of the bushes, rushing past on her four speedy legs.

'Wow, I wish I could run as fast as Yoolart', Nyinny Kulbardi sighs, trying to run around his nest like Yoolart did on the ground. His two legs and wings make it very hard to run fast. Nyinny Kulbardi keeps falling over. 

The green Kerbein (reeds) by the stream appear to be moving. Nyinny Kulbardi watches closely. You never know who might come out of them! 

It’s Kooyar Frog! Look how Kooyar leaps from one place to another. Big, long, back legs help Kooyar hop high in the air. 'I can’t run like Yoolart', warbles Nyinny Kulbardi, 'but I can definitely hop like Kooyar!

Can you hop like Kooyar Frog?

Nyinny Kulbardi hops around the nest, but his little hops are not nearly as high or as far as Kooyar’s. 'I can’t hop as high as Kooyar, my legs are too short', thinks Nyinny Kulbardi. 

ZOOM ... Zoom! 

'Who’s that? Oh wow, it’s Zippy Dragonfly! Look how he zips through the air. I can’t run like Yoolart and I can’t hop like Kooyar, but I can definitely zippidy-zip like Zippy', decides Nyinny Kulbardi. 'After all, I have wings too!'

Fly like Zippy boys and girls … round and round … zippidy-zip!

Nyinny Kulbardi stretches out his wings and runs as fast as he can round and round his nest. But he’s not taking off into the air like Zippy. 'My wings do look very different', realises Nyinny Kulbardi, 'Maybe that’s why I can’t zip around like Zippy'.

Nyinny Kulbardi sees a shadow through the trees. 'Who is here now?' he warbles. Feeling tired and a little sad, Nyinny Kulbardi thinks to himself, 'I don’t want to play this game anymore'.

Hurray! It’s Mother Kulbardi returning to the nest with some juicy worms for Nyinny Kulbardi's dinner. Nyinny Kulbardi is excited to see his mother and tells her all about watching and copying his bushland friends. Mother Kulbardi laughs and asks, 'Do you want to learn how we magpies move Nyinny Kulbardi?' 

'Yes please!' warbles Nyinny Kulbardi happily. 

Together Mother Kulbardi and Nyinny Kulbardi leap from the nest, flapping their wings, and before he knows it, Nyinny Kulbardi is flying.

Can you soar through the air like Nyinny Kulbardi?

'Flying like a bird is best of all!' Nyinning Kulbardi thinks as he soars higher and higher above the tallest trees in the Kings Park bushland. 

… and that's the end of the story boys and girls. 

Can you remember the names of the animals in the story?    

There was Nyinny Kulbardi and Mother Kulbardi, Yoolart Slinky Skink, Kooyar Frog and of course Zippy Dragonfly.   

Did you have a favourite part of the story? You can let us know online by visiting the Kings Park Home Delivery Facebook group and posting a message or use the hashtag #KingsParkHomeDelivery on Instagram.  

Thank you for listening. Goodbye! 

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Works will be taking place at the Rotary Wishing Well near Fraser Circle from 17 January 2023 until further notice.

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