This is a Kings Park Story, written by Nandi and Charlotte. Narrated by Louise.

Hello girls and boys, my name is Louise.

Welcome to Zippy’s Kings Park Adventures. Zippy Dragonfly lives in Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park with his bushland friends.

Zippy loves listening to stories and today’s story is called Hide and Seek

Are you good at listening? Zippy is!

On a sunny autumn day, Zippy Dragonfly and his bushland friends are playing hide and seek.

Do you like to play hide and seek?

Zippy zooms around Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park looking for his friends. He hovers above the billabong. Kooyar Motorbike frog is crouching in the reeds, but Zippy can’t see the frog because Kooyar is almost the same green colour as the reeds.

Suddenly a long, pink tongue flies out of the reeds. Kooyar has seen a damselfly and can’t resist catching it for lunch.

'Ah ha, I can see you Kooyar', buzzes Zippy.

Can you crouch down low and hide like Kooyar?

Yorna Bobtail lizard is hiding under the shady ledge of a rock. Zippy hovers above, searching. Yorna looks just like the rock when he stays very still, but Yorna is feeling sleepy and he starts to yawn. He tries and tries to stop himself from yawning. He holds his jaw tight. But the urge to yawn is too much and Yorna opens up his mouth with a great big yawn. His pink mouth and blue tongue flashes and Zippy’s excellent eyesight zooms in on Yorna. 'Gotcha Yorna', says Zippy proudly.

Zippy is feeling pleased at finding both Kooyar and Yorna, but where could Yoolart Slinky Skink and Tawny Frogmouth be?

Zoom, zoom, zoom, Zippy zips around Naturescape searching every corner. Zippy checks The Spring, The Tangle and even The Bungarra. Hmm ... Zippy hovers while he thinks, 'I know that Yoolart loves to sunbathe on top of logs and sometimes she looks so like the log that you can’t see her!'

With his supersonic eyesight, Zippy stares at the big, grey fallen log near Paperbark Creek. Yes, there she is! The same colour grey as the log, with just the light pulsing off her heart to give her away. 'I see you Yoolart', yells Zippy, 'You are on the log. I found you!'

Do you have supersonic eyes like Zippy? I wonder if you could spot a little lizard like Yoolart?

Now all Zippy must do is find his friend Tawny Frogmouth. Zippy searches low by The Billabong, he searches high up in the tower hides, he zips through the tunnel, and zooms along Kulunga Gully, but still he cannot find Tawny.

Zippy calls to his friends, 'Yoolart, Yorna, Kooyar, can you help me to find Tawny please?' The bushland friends search Naturescape high and low, but no one can find Tawny. This big bird can hide so well, they all thought.

I wonder where Tawny could be? Do you have any ideas girls and boys ...?

'We can’t find Tawny anywhere', says Yorna.

'I give up', says Kooyar.

'Me too', buzzes Zippy, 'I have the best eyesight of anyone, but I still can’t see Tawny. Let’s call ... Tawny, Tawny. We give up Tawny, come out, come out wherever you are!'

Oom oom ooom, the sound came from high up in a tall, old tuart tree. There, looking just like a broken bit of tree branch sits Tawny. Tawny blinks those big, yellow eyes and smiles that big, yellow smile.

'We thought you were just part of that tree', croaks Kooyar. The tree branch comes to life and Tawny flies down to where the bushland friends are waiting. 'Wow what amazing camouflage Tawny'.

All Tawny’s friends clap and cheer. You win the game Tawny Frogmouth!

… and that's the end of the story boys and girls. 

Can you remember the names of the animals in the story?    

There was Kooyar Motorbike Frog, Yorna Bobtail Lizard, Yoolart Slinky Skink, Tawny Frogmouth and of course Zippy Dragonfly.

Did you have a favourite part of the story? You can let us know online by visiting the Kings Park Home Delivery Facebook group and posting a message or use the hashtag #KingsParkHomeDelivery on Instagram.  

Thank you for listening. Goodbye! 

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