This is a Kings Park Story, written by Nandi, Charlotte and Emma. Narrated by Emma.

Hello girls and boys, my name is Emma.

Welcome to Zippy’s Kings Park Adventures. Zippy Dragonfly lives in Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park with his bushland friends.

Zippy loves listening to stories and today’s story is called Music In The Trees.

Are you good at listening? Zippy is!

It is a windy morning in Naturescape, when Tawny Frogmouth is woken by the swaying of Kondil, Tawny’s favourite Sheoak Tree. 'Swish, swish, swoosh' go the long drooping branches in the wind.

Just then, Wardong Raven lands on the branch beside Tawny. Tawny, enjoying the wind through his feathers, opens one eye to see who it is.

'Windy morning Tawny. How is a bird supposed to rest with Marri tree making loud, rustling and creaking noises all night long?' Wardong squawks crankily.

Tawny listens. 'Swish, swish, swoosh' went Kondil Sheoak tree and 'rustle, creak, squeak' went Marri.

'It’s rather musical, just like an orchestra. I quite like it,' announces Tawny.

'Humph,' crows Wardong, ruffling his feathers as he flies off.

Tawny just smiles, closes his eyes and listens to the wind making music in the trees.

Swish, swoosh, rustle, creak, squeak.

Suddenly a loud ‘crack’ echoes through Naturescape ... Crack, crunch, crash, THUMP!

Tawny’s big, yellow eyes fly open in surprise and looking down he sees one of Marri’s long slender branches lying on the ground, with a ragged, splintered end where it used to be attached to her trunk way up high.

Soon Tawny hears lots of rustling sounds below. Some of the animals in Naturescape have come to look at the fallen branch. Zippy Dragonfly whizzes past. Quenda Bandicoot has a good sniff and Yoolart Slinky Skink runs up and down and all around exploring every inch of the fallen the branch.

'Wow! The noise the branch made when it fell was sooo loud,' exclaimed Zippy.

The strong wind had finally calmed down, and the sound of leaves swaying gently in the breeze swept over Naturescape.

Quenda and Yoolart stop and listen. Kulbardi magpie and Ngoolark black cockatoo are singing in the distance, and frog calls drift from Paperbark waterhole.

'That sounds like Kooyar frog calling,' said Quenda, 'let’s go see what that noisy frog is doing.'

Quenda, Zippy, Yoolart and Tawny head to Paperbark Creek. They hear water trickling through the rocks ... and just as they arrive, big drops of rain start to fall from the sky. Plop, plop, splash, splat.

'It’s starting to rain!' shouts Kooyar happily, jumping up and down in excitement. Just then the rain starts to pitter patter on the rocks like a drum beat. It starts to get louder and louder and LOUDER and soon the leaves on the trees in Naturescape hang heavily with water.

'WOW! Naturescape is full of amazing sounds,' says Tawny in wonder.

Quenda and Yoolart stand in the rain with big smiles on their faces.

Tawny flies past Kondil Sheoak tree, swoosh, swish, swoosh and lands on Marri tree’s branch to shelter from the rain. Tawny closes his eyes and listens to the wind and rain making music in the trees. Pitter, patter, plop, splash, swish, swish, swoosh, rustle, creak, squeak.

Is there any wind at your house today? Close your eyes and listen carefully.

… and that's the end of the story boys and girls.

Can you remember the names of the animals in the story?

There was Tawny Frogmouth, Wardong Raven, Zippy Dragonfly, Quenda Bandicoot, Yolart Slinky Skink and Kooyar Motorike frog.

Did you have a favourite part of the story? You can let us know online by visiting the Kings Park Home Delivery Facebook group and posting a message or use the hashtag #KingsParkHomeDelivery on Instagram. 

Thank you for listening. Goodbye!

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