This is a Kings Park Story, written by Nandi and Sally, adapted by Charlotte. Narrated by Louise.

Hello girls and boys, my name is Louise.

Welcome to Zippy’s Kings Park Adventures. Zippy Dragonfly lives in Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park with his bushland friends.

Zippy loves listening to stories and today’s story is called Tumy Troubles.

Are you good at listening? Zippy is!

Kooyar Motorbike frog was relaxing under a shady Marri tree, next to the Billabong having just finished a yummy lunch of mozzies and flies.


It was quiet and peaceful. Kooyar felt happy and contented and began to snooze.

Zzzz ...

Chatter SQUAWK Chatter!

Soon Kooyar was woken by loud squawking sounds. It was Wardong Raven and his babies Sooty, Jet and Swoop chattering loudly in the tree above Kooyar.

Can you make a noisy sqawking raven sound? Waah ... waah

Kooyar felt cross. 'Those Ravens are so noisy; how can I make them be quiet?'

Wardong and his family watched the people having picnics in Naturescape. Wardong warned his babies before they went off to play. 'Remember my little chicks – don't eat people food. If you do, you will get a bad tummy ache.'

Kooyar was listening below and had an idea.

Kooyar hopped over to the baby Ravens who were watching a group of children play in Paperbark Creek. They were looking hungrily at the open lunch boxes, full of sandwiches, chips and treats that had been left on the ground.

'Hi there, Swoop', Kooyar croaked. 'Look at this yummy people food. Will you try some? One little taste won’t hurt!'

The young Ravens could not resist. They swooped down, tore the packets open and started scoffing at the scraps.

Urrrg ... UhOh!

That night back in Naturescape, the baby Ravens rolled around crying in their nest. 'Ouch my tummy hurts', complained Swoop. 'Me too', cried Sooty and Jet.

Wardong was disappointed. 'I told you not to eat that people food!' he squawked.

'I wish all the people in Naturescape would pack away their food and take their rubbish home! Then my chicks would be happy and safe', he sighed.

Do you remember to pick up all your food scraps and rubbish when you go?

The next day everyone felt better again. The Raven family stayed in the Kings Park bushland and ate bush tucker. They felt much happier. Yummm!

Back at the Billabong, Kooyar gobbled lots of yummy flies and mozzies and snoozed happily under a tree, enjoying the peace and quiet.

… and that's the end of the story boys and girls.

Can you remember the names of the animals in the story?

There was Kooyar Motorbike frog and Wardong Raven and his babies - Sooty, Jet and Swoop.

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Thank you for listening. Goodbye!


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