Common name: Golden Everlasting or Strawflower


Xerochrysum bracteatum, pink variety. Photo: D. Blumer.View image slideshow


This compact shrub thrives and flowers well in a full sun position, producing colourful displays of paper daisy flowers from spring through summer, adding colour to the garden when many other everlastings have finished flowering. Due to its popularity in plant breeding programs over time, there are many cultivars now available that vary in height and colour, ranging from golden yellow, orange, bronze, warm red, vibrant pink, cream and even white.

Native to Australia, the Strawflower can be grown as an annual or perennial herbaceous shrub growing from 10-120 cm high, with multiple branches and large, soft and sometimes sticky leaves. The flowers attract butterflies, moths and many other insects, providing an important food source for them.

Horticultural tips

  • For best results, prune the growing tips regularly during establishment to encourage a bushy habit with more flower heads and reduce the likelihood of the plant stems becoming leafless and woody at the base.
  • This plant grows best with regular watering and the addition of a slow release fertiliser suited to native plants.
  • Remember to remove the spent flower heads to promote more flowers and extend the flowering period.
  • Provides a long term display as a dried arrangement if you try picking a bunch of the flowers when they first open and hang them upside down until the stems dry out.
  • Prune back after flowering to encourage renewed bushy growth.

For more horticultural tips view our Plant Notes section.

View in Kings Park

Visit Kings Park to see a range of these plants in flower around Aspects of Kings Park Gallery, Zamia Cafe and at the Place of Reflection within the Botanic Garden (refer to map).

Want more information?

Refer to the profile for this plant on the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions' FloraBase online herbarium.

Xerochrysum bracteatum growing along Wadjuk Way in Kings Park. Photo: D. Blumer.Xerochrysum bracteatum flowers, orange variety. Photo: D. Blumer.Xerochrysum bracteatum flowers, yellow variety. Photo: D. Blumer.Xerochrysum bracteatum flowers, pink variety. Photo: D. Blumer.

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