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Principal Research Scientist (Conservation Biotechnology)
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(+61 8) 9480 3647

I have worked in a variety of plant science-related disciplines including: micropropagation of endangered plants for ex situ conservation and translocation, plant stress physiology, cryopreservation of threatened plant material for long-term biosecure ex situ conservation, aquatic plants, biology of native plants and microbial contamination in tissue culture. I am also responsible for the management and curating of substantial living collections going back over three decades of in vitro propagated (from 1983 to present) and cryopreserved threatened plant species (from 1992 to present), some of which are extinct in the wild, for ex situ conservation and research purposes.

Research themes

  • Micropropagation
  • Somatic embryogenesis
  • Cryopreservation
  • Ex situ conservation
  • Translocation of threatened plants

Major projects

  • Cryopreservation of Australian rainforest species.
  • Tissue culture of threatened plants.
  • Ex situ conservation of plant germplasm.
  • Micropropagation of threatened plants for translocation.
  • Cryopreservation of threatened Western Australian flora.
  • Translocation of threatened plant taxa.

Visit the Conservation Biotechnology section to learn more about the current and past projects.

Selected publications

Funnekotter B, Kaczmarczyk K, Turner SR, Bunn E, Zhou W, Smith S, Flematti G and Mancera RL (2013) Acclimation-induced changes in cell membrane composition and influence on cryotolerance of in vitro shoots of native plant species. Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult 114:83-96.

Menon A, Funnekotter B, Kaczmarczyk A, Bunn E, Turner SR and Mancera RL (2014) Cold-induced changes affect survival after exposure to vitrification solution during cryopreservation in the south-west Australian Mediterranean climate species Lomandra sonderi (Asparagaceae). Plant Cell Tiss Org Cult 119:347-358.

Funnekotter B, Kaczmarczyk K, Whiteley SE, Turner SR, Bunn E and Mancera RL (2015) Evaluation of the new vacuum infiltration vitrification (VIV) cryopreservation technique for native Australian plant shoot tips. CryoLetters 36:104-113.

Whiteley SE, Bunn E, Menon A, Mancera RL and Turner SR (2016) Ex situ conservation of the critically endangered species Androcalva perlaria (Malvaceae) by micropropagation and cryopreservation. Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult 125:341–352.

Bustam B, Dixon KW and Bunn E (2016) Ex situ conservation of the threatened Western Australian terrestrial orchid, Caladenia huegelii, through micropropagation and cryopreservation. Australian Journal of Botany 64:659-663.

Miller B, Sinclair E, Menz M, Elliott C, Bunn E, Commander L, Dalziell E, David E, Davis B, Erickson T, Golos P, Krauss S, Lewandrowski W, Mayence C, Merino- Martín L, Merritt D, Nevill P, Phillips R, Ritchie A, Ruoss S and Stevens J  (2017) A comprehensive framework of the science necessary to restore sustainable and biodiverse ecosystems resilient to global change. Restoration Ecology Restoration Ecology 25:605–617.

Funnekotter B, Colville  L, Kaczmarczyk A, Turner SR, Bunn E and Mancera RLM (2017) Monitoring of oxidative status in three native Australian species during cold acclimation and cryopreservation. Plant Cell Rep 36:1903-1916.

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