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Research Scientist (Restoration Ecology)
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(+61 8) 9480 3969

I’m a restoration ecologist conducting research to find cost effective and ecologically sustainable restoration of natural landscapes impacted by mining activity.

My research interest covers the design of soil cover systems on mine closure domains (e.g. waste rock dumps, tailings dams) that will support plant establishment. This extends to developing technologies and methods that optimise the use topsoil, seed and tubestock for returning species to site.

Research themes

  • Restoration ecology
  • Post mine site rehabilitation
  • Contaminated site rehabilitation
  • Topsoil seed bank ecology
  • Topsoil management
  • Plant - soil relations in natural and restored ecosystems
  • Seed ecology

Major projects

Visit the Restoration Ecology section to learn more about the current and past projects.

Selected publications

Robson T, Golos PJ, Stevens J and Reid N (2018) Enhancing tailings revegetation using shallow cover systems in arid environments: hydrogeochemical, nutritional and ecophysiological constraints. Land Degradation and Development 29:2785-2796.

Commander LE, Golos PJ, Miller BP and Merritt DJ (2017) Seed germination traits of desert perennials. Plant Ecology 218:1077-1091.

Merino-Martín L, Commander L, Mao Z, Stevens JC, Miller BP, Golos PJ, Mayence CE and Dixon K (2017) Overcoming topsoil deficits in restoration of semiarid lands: Designing hydrologically favourable soil covers for seedling emergence. Ecological Engineering 105:102-117.

Golos PJ, Dixon KW and Erickson TE (2016) Plant recruitment from the soil seed bank depends on topsoil stockpile age, height, and storage history in an arid environment. Restoration Ecology, 24 (S2):S53-S61.

Golos PJ and Dixon KW (2014) Waterproofing Topsoil Stockpiles Minimizes Viability Decline in the Soil Seed Bank in an Arid Environment. Restoration Ecology 22:495-501.

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