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Research Scientist (Restoration Ecophysiology)
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I’m a conservation physiologist that seeks to provide mechanistic bases to the management and restoration of biodiversity across a broad range of taxa. My research interests focus on quantifying and describing the performance of physiological traits, from metabolic rates in insects, reptiles and mammals to germination rates in seeds, and using these to characterise the interaction of the organism with its environment.

Using this as a basis, I often extend my work to predicting where in a landscape organisms are likely to persist, and understanding the constraints that limit them to these locations. This guides the management and restoration of these target species through providing for their specific needs during ecological restoration, or through identifying suitable locations for their translocation or reintroduction.

Research themes

  • Conservation physiology
  • Spatial and mathematical modelling
  • Landscape ecology
  • Species distributions and biogeography

Major projects

  • Structure and function of insect pollinator communities in the Northern Jarrah Forrest restoration by Alcoa Australia.
  • The energetic basis to seed longevity and storage.

Visit the Restoration Ecology section to learn more about the current and past projects.

Selected publications

Tomlinson S (2019) The mathematics of thermal sub-optimality: Nonlinear regression approaches to thermal performance in reptile metabolic rates. Journal of Thermal Biology IN PRESS.

Saatkamp A, Cochrane A, Commander L, Guja L, Jimenez-Alfaro B, Larson J, Nicotra A, Poschlod P, Silveira FAO, Cross A, Dalziell E, Dickie J, Erickson T, Fidelis A, Fuchs A, Golos P, Hope M, Lewandrowski W, Merritt D, Miller B, Miller R, Offord C, Ooi M, Satyanti A, Sommerville K, Tangney R, Tomlinson S, Turner S and Walck J (2018) A research agenda for seed-trait functional ecology. New Phytologist IN PRESS.

Tomlinson S, Dalziell EL, Lewandrowski W, Merrit DJ, Dixon KW and Withers PC (2018) Real-time measurement of metabolic rates in a fluorescence-based closed-system respirometer. Journal of Experimental Biology. 221: p.jeb172874.

Tarszisz E, Harrison ME, Tomlinson S, Morrough-Bernard HC and Munn AJ (2017) Gardeners of the forest? The influence of seed handling and ingestion by orangutans on germination success. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 123: 125-134.

Tomlinson S, Webber B, Bradshaw SD, Dixon KW and Renton M (2017) Incorporating biophysical ecology into high-resolution ecological restoration targets: thermo-energetic habitat suitability models of Hymenopteran pollinators. Restoration Ecology 26: 338-347.


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