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Research Scientist (Restoration Ecophysiology)
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I am a restoration ecophysiologist with a strong focus on seed and plant performance in context of restoration or degraded landscapes. My research develops an insight into performance constraints during recruitment in response to abiotic and biotic factors, particularly those exacerbated by climate change or anthropogenic disturbance. I am also interested in the ecophysiology of rare / threatened species to inform conservation and possible translocation efforts in mining environments.

Research themes

  • Ecophysiology of rare / threatened species
  • Restoration ecophysiology
  • Conservation physiology
  • Seed ecology
  • Climate change

Major projects

Visit the Restoration Ecology section to learn more about the current and past projects.

Selected publications

Saatkamp A, Cochrane A, Commander L, Guja LK, Jimenez-Alfaro B, Larson J, Nicotra A, Poschlod P, Silveira FAO, Cross AT, Dalziell EL, Dickie J, Erickson TE, Fidelis A, Fuchs A, Golos PJ, Hope M, Lewandrowski W, Merritt DJ, Miller BP, Miller RG, Offord CA, Ooi MKJ, Satyanti A, Sommerville KD, Tangney R, Tomlinson S, Turner S and Walck JL (2019) A research agenda for seed-trait functional ecology. New Phytol, 221: 1764-1775.

Lewandrowski W, Erickson TE, Dalziell EL and Stevens JC (2018) Ecological niche and bet-hedging strategies for Triodia (R.Br.) seed germination. Annals Botany, 121: 367-375.

Bateman A, Lewandrowski W, Stevens JC and Muñoz-Rojas M (2018) Ecophysiological indicators to assess drought responses of arid zone native seedlings in reconstructed soils. Land Degradation & Development, 29: 984-993.

Lewandrowski W, Erickson TE, Dixon KW and Stevens JC (2017) Increasing the germination envelope under water stress improves seedling emergence in two dominant grass species across different pulse rainfall events. Journal of Applied Ecology, 54: 997-1007.

Erickson TE, Muñoz-Rojas M, Kildisheva OA, Stokes BA, White SA, Heyes JL, Dalziell EL, Lewandrowski W, James JJ, Madsen MD, Turner SR and Merritt DJ (2017) Benefits of adopting seed-based technologies for rehabilitation in the mining sector: a Pilbara perspective. Australian Journal of Botany, 65: 646-660.

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