Anigozanthos rufus

Common name: 'Kings Park Federation Flame'


Anigozanthos rufus commonly known as the Kings Park Federation Flame. Photo: D.Blumer.View image slideshow

Origin of Scientific Name

Anigozanthos - from the Greek anises, meaning 'unequal' or 'oblique', and anthos, meaning 'flower', in reference to the division of the floral extremities into six unequal parts.

rufus - from the Latin terms for red, reddish brown.


Anigozanthos rufus is one of 11 species and 11 subspecies belonging to the genus Anigozanthos. Its foliage reaches about 50 cm and has an attractive bluish colour and the flowering stems commonly reach between 60 cm - 120 cm. The flowers of the 'Kings Park Federation Flame' are a striking orange flowering form of the Red Kangaroo Paw.


The southern half of Western Australia is the only place in the world where the genus Anigozanthos is found growing naturally. The natural distribution of Anigozanthos rufus is on the south coast of Western Australia; from Denmark in the west, to Cape Arid National Park in the east. It is the only Kangaroo Paw found in the Esperance region. Refer to the distribution map for this species via the Department of Parks and Wildlife's FloraBase online herbarium.


All Kangaroo Paws can be grown from seed, but may require pre-treatments such as heat shock (100 °C for 60 minutes) or smoke. They require a well-drained site and prefer a sunny position. Most Kangaroo Paws are rejuvenated by cutting them back to the ground after flowering, however this species does not respond well to this treatment and only the flowering spikes and old leaves should be removed. Anigozanthos rufus will do best with light summer subsurface watering and applications of slow release low phosphorous fertiliser.

Flowering Season

August to December/January


The striking, orange variety of Anigozanthos rufus, 'Kings Park Federation Flame' was released for sale in Australia in 2009-10 after nearly three decades of trials, testing and selection. It was released internationally in 2011.

View in Kings Park

You will find the most striking display of 'Kings Park Federation Flame' in the Wadjuk roundabout.

Anigozanthos rufus in the Wadjuk roundabout in Kings Park. Photo: D.Blumer. Anigozanthos rufus habit in Kings Park. Photo: D.Blumer.